The Corner Restaurant, located on the second floor of Selfridges’ Oxford Street store, has relaunched with a brand new menu designed by newly appointed Head Chef, Grant Clark .

mcith_selfridges.jpgThis new new menu is the first time Clark has presented his food in the UK.

The Corner Restaurant’s new menu is guided by the seasons, with ingredients from some of the best UK producers including bread from Coombeshead Bakery, meat from Henson and Son, sustainably sourced fish and vegetables from grocery supplier to Selfridges’ Foodhall, Natoora.

Clark’s nose-to-tail approach minimises food waste, with all produce being used across the entire menu in various forms. Meanwhile, the attention paid to the processes and “low and slow” methods that build up the layers of flavour are what allows the menu to stand out.

The menu’s small plates include roasted Aubergine Puree, topped with Crispy Puffed Wild Rice and Roasted Tomatoes, and the Fava Bruschetta (made using Coombeshead sourdough, topped with fresh broad beans, grated young pecorino and a vinaigrette of black pepper, parsley and wild Sicilian oregano) are perfect for a light meal or sharing as a starter.

Another dish for one or to be shared between two is the duck liver pate with toasted sourdough. The duck livers are sautéed in caramelized onions with brandy and butter, before being dressed with a shallot and blueberry agrodulche, with its sour-sweet flavour complimenting and elevating this simple dish.

The menu also features two classic pasta dishes: a Bucatini in Pomodoro Sauce and a Macaroni Pork Ragu. The pasta is made from faro – whole grains of which are milled in-house (an uncommon practice in most restaurants) which are then made into dough and rolled out by hand.

The process lends itself to retaining more of the grains’ nutrients as well as its flavour. The fresh pasta dough is then formed into the Bucatini (served with a tomato sauce stewed down with fresh chilli, wild oregano and garlic for around 3 hours) and the Macaroni with Pork Ragu.

The pork ragu is another labour of love, with the pork mince and sofrito base left to simmer in a 16 – hour brodo (broth) made from chicken, beef, turkey and veal. This gives it an unparalleled flavour which is then further enhanced by the addition of fresh rosemary and a topping of ricotta, along with and a 24 – month aged Parmigiano reggiano.

One of the four main courses on the menu includes one of Clark’s signature dishes, the Vinegar Creedy Chicken, topped with Tropea Onions and Romesco Sauce. This dish is a half spatchcock chicken (from Creedy Carver Farm, Devon UK) which is seared and roasted with sherry vinegar and the aforementioned brodo. The skin is continually basted, keeping the meat moist whilst the juices become concentrated and sticky, forming a natural, lacquer-like glaze.

To finish, there are Neal’s Yard cheese (which will change regularly) paired with prunes stewed in Madeira, a smooth creamy walnut butter and crostini made with Coombeshead sourdough, or a Chocolate Pudding.

The pudding is made with chocolate pastry cream piped into small peaks, which are interspersed with glossy peaks of Mascarpone whipped with double cream and topped with toasted hazelnuts and cocoa nibs. The Chef’s’Cookie Board’ will also be on offer, with a selection of freshly baked Biscotti, Shortbread, Jam’thumbprints’ and Oatmeal and Molasses cookies, available to order throughout the day.