Following the response since opening the doors of Shola Karachi Kitchen back in March, founder and head chef Aida Khan will begin dinner service from Wednesday 2nd October, extending the restaurant’s current walk-in, lunch-only opening hours.

mcith_shola.jpgLocated in White City Place, where the former BBC headquarters have been transformed into a new creative campus, Shola will continue offering an authentic fine casual South Asian journey though flavours, high quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques with a menu based on traditional recipes passed on for generations in Karachi households.

Here there are no pre-made components, artificial flavours or shortcuts; spices are roasted and ground on site and masalas are made from scratch.

Now diners will have even more opportunity to indulge in signature dishes  such as the flavour-packed Vegetable Pakora (crispy vegetable fritters, fried in a spicy batter and dusted with Shola masala); the delicately spiced Lamb Shoulder (marinated for 48 hours, braised for 4 hours and then charcoal grilled on the Mibrasa oven), Beef Seekh Kebab (melt-in-the-mouth charcoal grilled beef kebabs) and Naan Khatai (a crumbly semolina and flour cookie, glazed and sprinkled with freshly chopped pistachios).

Thrilled to bring her culinary offering to a wider audience, Aida commented, “By opening during the evening as well as lunchtime, our existing audience of office workers and media creatives is set to be joined by local residents and visitors to the area.“

“We are sure all will enjoy the intimate atmosphere that is ultimately the inspiration behind Shola – simple, clean cooking, the way it has been done in Karachi households for decades.”

To celebrate the launch, visitors will be treated to a glass of bubbles upon arrival all week.

Shola, White City Place, 201 Wood Lane, White City, London W12 7TU