Wild Honey, the Michelin-Starred restaurant in Mayfair from Anthony Demetre and Will Smith will host a one-off Offal Dinner on 5th July. The menu, designed by Anthony Demetre will explore the nuances of offal, while the guest panel will offer their musings on the often misunderstood meat.

The evening will be comperéd by food writer Rosie Birkett, a proponent of offal since her first taste as a child. Rosie will be joined by a panel of food writers and experts including William Sitwell and Xanthe Clay, while Martin Morales and Lyle’s Head Chef James Lowe will share their insights on cooking with offal.

Each course will be punctuated with conversation and a Q & A between the panel and fellow guests. Anthony’s menu will get straight to the’Heart of the matter’ with ox heart, followed by;’Pigs head and bread’,’Lamb sweetbreads and rocky mountain oysters with sheeps ricotta’,’Grilled Beef bavette and honeycomb’ and’Blood and chocolate tart with Jersey milk sorbet’. The menu will be complemented with wines from Wild Honey’s wine bins, showcasing wines from the most exciting wine growing regions.

Wild Honey’s Offal Dinner, 7pm on 5th July – £60 per head including matching wines.

Wild Honey

12 St George Street



Monday to Friday: Noon – 2:30pm; 6pm – 10:30pm

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