This Christmas import a little sunshine with a selection of superb Australian wines from The Australian Cellar

mcith_aussie.jpgThe perfect option for wine lovers ths Christmas comes up from The Australian Cellar

Created by Queen of Grapes (sic) , Mel Brown, The Australian Cellar’s Christmas gift options have been designed to take consumers on a liquid journey through Australia’s most exciting producers and wine regions. 


Prettily presented, competitively priced and offering a diverse selection, The Australian Cellar’s Christmas cases and gift boxes are will deliver a new experience, even to the most knowledgeable wine lover in your life. And it’s a great way to gift someone you may not see over Xmas or who lives too far away.


Prices start at £50 for Gift Boxes (2 bottles) and £140 for Christmas Cases (6 bottles), including a personalised handwritten note. Delivery is available within the UK and is free on orders over £150. Options include:

The Australia Uncovered Case (6 bottles), £140 

The Aussie White Mixed Case (6 bottles), £160

The Aussie Red Mixed Case (6 bottles), £160

Mel’s Ultimate Mixed Case (6 bottles), £190

The Class Me Up Gift Pack (2 bottles), £50

The boxes come with tasting notes (on recycled paper)  for each bottle, so you can craftily mug up on these before opening and then stun the table with what will appear to be your knowledgeable nosing and your gifted gargling.

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Who is The Queen of Grapes?

Founder of The New Zealand Cellar, Melanie Brown is driven by the desire to showcase the very best wines from the country’s finest vineyards, highlighting regional and varietal diversity, with Mel introducing people to new and enticing wines with her new world energy and enthusiasm.