mcith_IMG_4662.jpgDo you like Sriracha?

The answer could depend on your age – if you’re well past Millennial, perhaps a’Boomer’, then your response might well be’what’s Sriracha?’Which will get you a pitying look from the young folks

Sriracha is supposed to have originated in a Thai town called Sri Racha in the 1930s. Or not, who knows? Its origins are surrounded by debate and mystery.

It definitely came from that part of the world though, and it conquered America before coming here. Hipsters squirt it on everything, which is why it got to be called Hipster Ketchup.

Although there is a one-off original recipe credited to Madam La Orr Suwanprasop, it has become a generic name for a hot sauce. Many of which are rubbish.

The Thai version is a bit tangier, less thick than ones from the USA, but they all have lots of chili with garlic, sugar, salt and vinegar as basics.

Tabasco, no stranger to heat, have now launched their own version and it goes on sale Monday 18th November 2019 having been available in the USA since 2014.

We got our hands on a bottle early doors and eagerly tried a taste.It’s preservative-free recipe is rich and thick. You get the expected flavour of sweet chillies and garlic, but then the barrel-aged tabasco peppers used to create TABASCO® Sauce kick in.


And it’s hot hot hot, although not as hot as actual Tabasco Sauce. Nothing really could be.

Having no preservatives is a good thing. Many Sriracha sauces have a compendium of preservatives listed on the bottles, so just as with soy sauce it pays to read the label before buying in order to be sure of getting the really good stuff.

And this is very good stuff.

Tabasco are a quality brand with a long and distinguished history, and their Sriracha delivers lots of sweetness followed by sharpness and then, just as you think you’re out of the woods, the fire blossoms across your mouth and lips.

Use it to liven up almost anything – burgers, tacos, scrambled eggs, sausages – the possibilities are almost endless.

We know someone who adds a tiny drizzle to vanilla ice cream, and it works.

So find your fire as the days get colder and start squeezing

TABASCO® Sriracha Sauce is available from November 18 2019, exclusively from Waitrose & Partners stores nationwide at an RRP of £2.99 for a 256ml bottle.