LPM Restaurant & Bar has special truffle season menu until December.

There are three delectable truffle-infused dishes crafted by the talented culinary team.

The menu includes:

  • Rigatoni à la truffe blanche
  • LPM’s Rigatoni à la truffe blanche features rigatoni pasta, generously coated in a creamy, decadent white truffle sauce, and adorned with generous shavings of the finest white truffle.
  • Gnocchi à la truffe blanche
  • LPM’s house-made gnocchi harmonises with the earthy notes of white truffle. The rich, velvety sauce is accentuated with white truffle shavings.
  • Burrata à la truffe blanche (Burrata with White Truffle)
  • Appetisers don’t come more appetising that the Burrata à la truffe blanche. Creamy burrata cheese is complemented by the intense aroma and flavour of white truffle.