Some of London’s most exciting chefs come together for a nose to tail pop up.

mcith_Dan-Shearman---Pork.jpgIn an effort to tackle the issue of food waste in the meat industry head on, a group of some of London’s most exciting chefs have joined forces under the name, The Carcass Cartel to bring a new wave of modern, whole animal dining events to the capital starting with an all out eight course Asian inspired offal feast over the 10th and 11th June at Hackney Church Brew Co.

The group which features names including the likes of Elizabeth Haigh who garnered a Michelin star for Pidgin Restaurant, Angel Zapata Martin of Barrafina and YouTube chef DJ BBQ will be serving an eight course menu focused on a modern recipes using offal and lesser used cuts of the animal.

Just some of the dishes you can expect to see include;

– Pig skin noodle soup with smoked eel nitsume

– Korean fried sweetbreads

– Crispy lambs head bao with “brain-naise”

– Chicken offal nasi goreng


And if that wasn’t enough to awaken your inner carnivore, the group will be undertaking a’hospitality first’ and following a spring lamb via their Instagram stories – documenting it’s life from field to fork to be served up nose to tail including a selection of’lamb offal hors d’oeuvres’.

Dan Shearman, chef and founding member of the Cartel said: “These days there’s a growing disconnect between the animal and the meat on our plates and we want to give people the chance to eat a meal with true provenance. What better way than to allow them to follow its journey right up to the moment we serve it on the night. By doing this we aim to create a deeper respect for where that meat has come from and why it’s so important to eat everything that’s edible.”

You can follow the journey of the lamb on the lead up to the event via @carcasscartel

 ‘The Carcass Cartel does Asia’ takes place on the 10th and 11th June at Hackney Church Brew Co. 7pm to 10pm.

Tickets are £75 for an eight course sit down menu plus whole lamb hors d’oeurvres and a

welcome nose to tail cocktail, available now via Eventbrite

Email: [email protected]