Building on the success of their previous dry-aged flavor creation, AGED Truffle, The Meat & Wine Co has a new AGED flavour infusion, AGED Porcini Mushroom. 

Launching next week this pairing balances the earthy and meaty Porcini Mushroom and the tenderness of high quality dry-aged steak cuts in a marriage that brings together the umami-rich and the robust

The premium Rib-Eye steaks undergo a dry-aging process in artisan beef-dripping butter, infused with Porcini mushroom

Head Sommelier, Robin has selected some premium wines which pair perfectly with AGED Porcini Mushroom and can be served under coravin, meaning guests don’t need to purchase a whole bottle to enjoy a great wine. 

This is The Meat & Wine Co’s first UK restaurant and is in the heart of Mayfair on Curzon Street. Originally from Australia, where has more than ten outlets across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide.  

The restaurant’s exclusive programme AGED means the steaks are encased in flavoured artisan Wagyu butter and dry-aged in house for up to six weeks.
Previous seasonal flavours included: Robusta & Arabica coffee, fresh honey & thyme, truffle, and black garlic.

17C Curzon St, London W1J 5HU