Strap your Dad in for this one. Red’s True Barbecue’s latest creation has taken the idea that things get better with age, filled it with nitrous and catapulted it down a meaty nirvana drag strip.

Meet The Almighty, the mother of all father’s day treats, with every key ingredient aged to perfection.

Developed in partnership with Bulleit Bourbon, a true frontier whiskey, the standout component is three generous slices of a 28-day dry-aged rib eye steak, which has then bathed for 21 days in the stunning hand-crafted Bulleit 10 Year Old. The whiskey is previously aged in charred American white oak which gives the steak a punchy and deep flavourful hit.

It’s all sandwiched between a fresh-baked squishy’BEERger’ brioche bun, made with a bourbon barrel aged Imperial Russian stout, cured bacon & bourbon jam, Cheddar and Yorkshire Blue cheeses, fried onions and Red’s Dirty sauce.

With only 25 in existence at each Red’s restaurant, this £39.95 daddy also comes with:

– Halloumi fries and a cheeseburger truffle dipper

– A can of Legitimate Industries Double Agent Imperial Russian Stout (10.4%)

– A jar of barrel aged Old Fashioned BBQ sauce to take home

Scott Munro, co-founder of Red’s True Barbecue, said: “The Almighty is the perfect way to let the old man know that just like him, things really do get better with age! Every ingredient is standout, it’s a true experience. Just don’t expect him to drive you home afterwards.”

Only available with an online booking

Joe Tivey, Bulleit Brand Ambassador, said: “There’s always going to be something special created when we work with the good folks at Reds, and the Almighty certainly is a beast. The rich, woody, and sweet flavour of Bulleit 10 Yr Old , brings another level of complexity to the meat and to the Bulleit barrel old-fashioned BBQ sauce.