This spring, German Gymnasium spotlights a vegetable diva with true star power: White Asparagus.

Its exclusive limited-edition menu, available in the upstairs Restaurant, is a celebration of the stalk with a fleeting harvest season (from mid-April to late June). A vegetable that should never be a mere understudy on the plate, is elevated from side dish to star of the culinary show.

German Gymnasium’s Spring Asparagus menu features classic dishes, bursting with flavour. It includes:

  • Spargelcremesuppe (V): a delicate, creamy white asparagus soup.
  • Spargelsalat (VG): an asparagus salad dancing with textures and tastes; where tender white and green spears, fresh fennel, fragrant dried tomatoes, peppery radish, lamb’s lettuce and sweet green peas, sing with a zesty mustard dressing.
  • Spargel mit Hollandaise (V): the definitive dish, combining white asparagus spears with piquant hollandaise and buttery new potatoes. 
  • Berliner Buletten: hearty, pan-fried veal dumplings mingle magnificently with plump white asparagus, cherry tomatoes and fresh green peas.
  • Lammkotelett: the combination of tender lamb cutlet, white and green asparagus, wild garlic and potato puree is spring on a plate.
  • Spargel mit gebeiztem Lachs: is a celebration of white asparagus, accompanied by house cured salmon, a citrus sharp hollandaise and dainty new potatoes.  

The Asparagus Whisperer:

White asparagus is such a revered delicacy that German Gymnasium Executive Chef, Alex Thiel, hand peels every single stalk. “’Weisser Spargel’ is not just an ingredient; it’s a celebration of spring, an art form that demands precision and passion in its preparation. Peeling by hand ensures it reveals its delicate flavour and texture. This menu is his tribute to a cherished tradition, inviting London to experience the true essence of a German spring.

The white asparagus season is as brief as it is breathtaking, so enjoy German Gymnasium’s celebratory menu – it’s a moment in time.  Each dish is a love letter to a vegetable tradition that goes beyond borders; one that invites Londoners on a time-limited journey into the heart of German springtime, one peeled stalk at a time.  

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