Award-winning northern Chinese restaurant, Hutong, will be introducing a new chilli tasting menu this November, designed to demonstrate the diversity and versatility of chilli in Chinese cuisine.

The Chilli Connoisseur menu will be a five-course menu featuring different varieties and preparations of chilli, which is designed to challenge diners’ perceptions of’spicy’ food.

The menu starts with Abalone and seafood spicy salad, in which the fruity heat of shredded fresh red chilli complements tender sliced abalone, or sea snail, a highly-prized delicacy. Dressed in sesame oil, rice wine and chilli oil with fresh coriander, this salad awakens the palate for the dishes ahead.

Following this comes Hutong’s signature dish, Red Lanternincludingcrispy soft-shell crab tossed with dried lantern chillis, which ensures the crab takes on the aromatic spiciness rather than the heat, perfectly complementing the natural saltiness of the crab.

At the centre of the menu is Grouper fillet in Sichuan chilli broth, which has a fiery and peppery heat from pickled green chilli. The vibrant orange-red broth is also enlivened by Facing Heaven chilli powder, dried Lantern chillis and fresh red chilli.

The menu is completed by Lotus root fried in Ma La chilli sauceand Hutong’s seafood spicy rice. Ma La (which translates as’numbing hot’) chilli oil creates an exhilarating tingling in the lips as diners enjoy the crunchy fried roots.

Diners can also choose from a number of Hutong’s creative chilli cocktails, such as the Red Snapper (Gin Mare, tomato juice, Chinese rice vinegar, lemon, Sichuan pepper and salt, celery bitters, Tabasco) or, for those in need of something with a little less kick, the soothing Jade Emperor (Kamm & Son’s ginseng spirit, Midori, lemon, sugar, egg white, Chinese five spice tincture, basil leaves).

The Chilli Connoisseur menu is priced at £49 per person, for a minimum of two people and will be available from 3rd Ã¢â‚¬â€œ 30th November.