West Cornwall Pasty Co’s new pasty is Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Pasty fans can now go into any West Cornwall Pasty Co store and pick up a gluten free and dairy-free version of their world-famous, multi award-winning’Traditional Cornish Pasty’, which is packed traditional tastes of Cornwall, encased in a hand crimped crust

West Cornwall Pasty Co also have planned the launch of a second Every-Body Pasty for later this year. A gluten-free vegetarian pasty based on their best-selling vegetarian Cheese & Onion pasty.

The new pasty has a texture just like normal wheat flour based pastry. It is short crust, egg glazed and hand crimped but not brittle and dry like many other gluten free pasty products.

It’s baked in a specially designed bag that ensures the product stays free from cross contamination making it an ideal option for sufferers of Coeliac Disease as well as avoiders of Gluten and Dairy.

Our test pastys tasted good, if a bit salty and that criticism has been taken on board, but the pastry was almost identical to traditional so it seems they’ve pulled it off.

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