A thousand reasons to get your hands on a Pierre Marcolini Mille Feuilles de Roi, this January.

mcith_Galette-des-Rois.jpgHaving an epiphany, in standard English usage, means to have a sudden revelation or a startling realisation of the truth,  for example suddenly realising your football team is a bunch of losers or that kimchi is disgusting.

It comes from a Greek word, but Epiphany is also  a Christian feast day held on the Sunday after January the 1st. So basically, I’m afraid you’ve missed it.

But don’tt despair, because one of the nicest things about Epiphany is the tradtional Mille Feuilles des Rois  and you can get one of the best from Pierre Marcolini the luxury chocolate specialists, at one of their London outlets..

We all know millefeuilles of course, the name means’a thousand leaves’, a gloriously luxurious concoction of lots and lots of thin pastry leaves sandwiching luscious cream and jam.Pierre Marcolini’s though takes that to a much higher level.

Flaky puff pastry always made with a Faro almond cream, made with the finest almonds, carefully processed whole to keep in all their flavour.


The whole thing is delicious, as we can vouch for having had one in the office. A real treat that made us go out and get shop-bought coffees instead of the instant stuff – well it would have been  disrespectful to have done anything else

This season sees the introduction of an even silkier almond cream and there’s a  little charm in the shape of a heart that is hidden away inside, waiting to be found by the king or queen of the feast.

Available from the Pierre Marcolini Marylebone Boutique, and counters in Selfridges and Harrods