Somethings can’t be battered. Fish and Chips is hip again. United Chip is now on soft launch for three days until dinner Wednesday with 50% off food only for lunch and dinner.

Around the world you’ll still find foreigners who think we Brits subsist on a diet of fish and chips whilst fighting our way through pea-soup fogs and dodging being murdered by Jack The Ripper. Oh, and that we all wear bowler hats.

Truth is that fish and chips was dealt a double blow by the perfect storm of the arrival of Chinese and Indian take aways and the rapid increase in the price of fish. And then there were kebabs.

Personally, I also blame Styrofoam boxes, it just wasn’t the same as eating out of folded newspaper. My father even maintained that printed newspaper was better still as he reckoned the ink added flavour.

Anyway, a new chippy called  United Chip, aims to start a new era for the British staple, introducing fish and chips to a generation that grew up on chilli sauce and chicken kormas.

It comes from the team behind All Star Lanes and the 32-cover restaurant has a contemporary design, featuring’millennial’ pinks and soft greys, with modern standalone table and bench units, soft lighting and retro lettering.

The menu stays true to the classic take on fish and chips – sustainable, high quality fish (Atlantic cod, Haddock or Pollock), superior chips, including traditional or Belgian frites, as well as buns such as Soft shell crab burger and Bangkok prawn burger.

And you can’t have a chippy without a battered sausage, in this case a Battered Dingley Del Cumberland sausage and of course mushy peas, battered gherkin, and a curry sauce for the Northerners.

Calamari or scampi cones are also available as well as craft beers, wine and Prosecco.

All food is available to take away.

United Chip, 5 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5PA

Mon-Wed and Sat: 11.30am-9.00pm;Thurs-Fri: 11.30am-10pm;Closed: Sunday