mcith_Screenshot%202020-03-07%20at%2012.It’s a dirty secret that a lot of professional chefs use stock cubes.Sadly not many today can be bothered to do the work, and put in the time, it takes to make’proper’ stock be it beef, fish, chicken or veg.

But really, the only thing ever really wrong with stock cubes was their tendency to be too salty and not always dissolve as well as they could leaving sludge in the measuring jug.

Knorr solved all that with their’jelly’ stock pots in 2008, having invented the original stock cube in 1912 and then bringing it to the UK in 1949.

Stock pots don’t need dissolving in water, not if you don’t want to; instead you can add them to almost anything and they simply melt in.

Now Knorr have launched’Veggie Cooks Essentials’ stock pots: Kaffir Lime & Ginger, Smoked Chilli & Tomato and Paprika & Sundried Tomato.


They are all vegan and gluten free.We tried two of them, the Smoked Chilli & Tomato and the Paprika & Sundried Tomato.You get two pots in a pack in Tesco and Morrison’s for a RRP £0.95.

Each pot will make a meal for four (any unused pot can be kept in the refrigerator for a few days)

They really did add a flavour boost although we were a bit naughty at first and added the Smoked Chilli to a meat dish – chili con carne. A subtle, not overpowering, heat and it upped the tomato flavours.

The Paprika and Sundried tomato we used to make a stock for a risotto. Something of an emergency meal using up some frozen peas.

It did a very good job of livening up the dish with some smoky flavours.

So if you’re a bit down on stock pots, park your prejudices and give these a try, especially if you’re vegan or veggie.