Inspired by the relaxed breakfasts of the Middle East, Villa Mama’s will launch their weekend brunch menu this December, available from 8am until 11am every Saturday and Sunday.

Chef Founder, Roaya Saleh, has created a morning menu reflecting her Bahraini heritage, travels and culinary traditions from across the Khaleej, Persia and beyond.

The menu includes’Khubus’, a Tandoor-cooked flatbread, served with meyhawa, a Bahraini speciality of fermented sardine sauce, or za’atar and du-ah and’Gers Tabay’, a sweet Bahraini date crêpe.

Larger plates include’Balaleet’, sweet saffron and rose water vermicelli topped with scrambled eggs and’Ch’bood Deyay’, chicken livers sautéed with masala & vine leaves, all served with khubus. To share between two,’Mezzeh’ comprises of fresh labneh, seasonal jam, honey, halloumi, olives, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and khubus.

Traditional Arabic or Turkish blend coffees are on offer to start the morning, alongside traditional Bahraini teas including masala, chamomile and a blossoming flowering sweet osmanthus. The bar team will be serving up freshly squeezed juices, and for those who prefer an added punch, Bloody Marys and Mimosas will also be available.

Saturday & Sunday breakfast: 9am – 11.30am

Villa Mama’s will also be serving mid-week breakfast, Monday – Friday, from January 2018.

Address: Villa Mama’s Restaurant Ltd 25-27 Elystan Street, Chelsea