Luxury Guatemalan rum, Ron Zacapa, has unveiled the Zacapa-Zuma Ritual Serves – a selection of two theatrical cocktails available exclusively at Zuma, the Japanese restaurant and bar in Knightsbridge.

mcith_cokctails.jpgPresented in a bespoke, pyramid shaped glass box, with a cloud of volcanic like smoke enveloping the drinks, the cocktails have been inspired by Mayan heritage to capture Zacapa’s intricate legacy, and feature traditional Mayan ingredients including cacao nib and black corn.

Available from 10th July, the Zacapa-Zuma Ritual Serves will be priced from £18 per serve and will be accompany Zuma’s menu plates and modern Japanese fare.

The Zacapa-Zuma Ritual Serves will each sit on an engraved slate base. Crafted from three types of wood, the vessel reflects Zacapa’s complex’Sistema Solera’ ageing process, where the rum is laid to rest in selected barrels that previously aged American whiskeys, sherries and Pedro Jimenez wines; in the case of Zacapa XO, the final stage of aging occurs in French oak cognac barrels.

Before serving, the structure will be topped with burning wood chips which produce the

gravity-defying’smoke’, which flows out in a cloud-like plume once the lid is removed at the table.

Transporting guests to the mountains of verdant Guatemala where the spirit is distilled, the cocktail symbolises the’House Above the Clouds’, where Zacapa rum is aged at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level, showcasing the skilled process in which it’s formed.

The cocktails will include the Imox Negroni – a twist on the classic negroni – featuring Zacapa 23 rum, Campari infused with cocoa nibs, and Vermouth infused with roasted black corn.

The Cib Colada, a take on the Pina Colada, will feature Zacapa 23 rum, coconut, vanilla, dried yuzu, pineapple, chili, star anise and charcoal, topped with bubbly sake and gold glitter.

Luxury Guatemalan rum Ron Zacapa delivers lingering hints of spiced oak followed by the complex rich flavour, and light finish.

The cocktails will be available as single or sharing serves, perfect for pairs or larger groups looking to experience the dramatic work of art, expression of patience, richness and quality of the drink.

Located in London’s Knightsbridge, Zuma offers a sophisticated twist on the traditional Japanese izakaya style of informal dining, delivering an authentic flavour of the East while respecting the traditions of the past.

To make a booking to try the Zacapa- Zuma Ritual Serves, visit


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