Anita Gelato, the world-famous Israeli ice-cream boutique, has opened its doors in Covent Garden, London.

Celebrated for its 150 flavours of gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet – including sugar-free and vegan options – the family-owned gelato house has enjoyed global success with 17 branches around the world, from New York City and Sydney to Barcelona and Tel Aviv.

Its debut London store, in the heart of the capital’s Seven Dials, is open seven days a week from 8am until 11 pm – making it the ideal dessert destination for pre and post-theatre treats, alcohol-free dates and shopping-trip pit stops.

Every scoop of Anita Gelato’s frozen creations – all produced in-store – contains the fresh, high-quality ingredients, in rich flavours with texture and crunch, from fresh cream to seasonal fruits and premium chocolate.

Anita Gelato offers a unique range of flavours, such as Milk Chocolate Salted Pretzel, White Chocolate and Pistachio, or Salted Almonds and Caramel – served in wafer cones or alongside a waffle, and topped with fresh fruit, syrups, chocolate, or house-made jams.

There are also dairy-free vegan options including tangy sorbets or soy-based ice-creams; low-fat froyos (frozen yogurts) plain, acai or mixed with a range of toppings and tasty sugar-free versions of hazelnut, coffee and chocolate gelatos.

Anita Gelato serves a selection of coffees (including iced coffees) and hot chocolate too.

Anita Gelato started life in a small Mediterranean kitchen in 1998, where “Mama” Anita Avital and her youngest son, Nir, created handmade gelato for their friends and neighbours.

Their home became the heart of the neighbourhood and over time Nir started preparing ice cream bases, to which Anita would add her home-made jams to.

Soon Nir began selling their ice-cream from a cart at a local market and, by 2002, he had teamed up with his older brother, Adi, to open their first family-run ice-cream parlour in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Since then the little ice cream parlour transitioned to a successful international chain with branches in Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Brisbane, Cyprus, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Juan, Sydney and London. With plans to open another store in London.

Anita Gelato offers over 150 gelato flavours including sorbet and organic sugar-free, fat-free, soy-based, real cream-based ice cream and frozen yogurt. Their toppings vary from fresh fruit, syrups, premium chocolate, to jams, which still come straight from Mama Anita’s kitchen.

Each new flavour still needs to get Mama Anita’s personal stamp of approval, ensuring its homemade nature can be tasted in each and every scoop.