Authentic Indian cuisine from the Awadhi region to West London.

Executive Chef Arsh Thakur has teamed up with Subjahit Mitra, who is also behind World’s 50 Best Bars; Coupette, to open BKC close by Hyde Park.

Awadhi cuisine, comes from from Awadh, today called Lucknow, in Northern India, to London for the first time. The grab and go style 40 cover restaurant serves traditional biryanis, Northern Indian kebabs, and chai, showcasing traditional ingredients, recipes, and techniques.

Lucknow cuisine is known for the art of cooking over slow fire and BKC serves a variety of Awadhi kebabs traditionally grilled on a chula or skillet as opposed to the tandoor in Punjab, the star being the Seekh kebab, made with lamb mince and spices.

Each kebab comes with a choice of Romali roti (translating to handkerchief bread) or Laccha Paratha, a shallow fried North Indian flat bread.

Biryani’s at BKC are made with Mutton or Chicken for meat eaters, alongside Vegetable or Vegan versions, all served in traditional earthen clay pots.

These are sourced from Northern India, in an initiative helping local potters earn a better living wage, the clay pots house Biryani made by the kilo as is tradition in the region from which the dish originates.

Traditional Chai including, Karak Chai (translated to strong tea), is made with evaporated milk to create a rich and creamy drink which is made with fewer spices than masala chai for a softer taste.

The menu also features Kashmiri Pink Chai, made with gunpowder tea, salt and baking powder to achieve the traditional pink colour.

All takeaways are served in sustainable packaging designed to keep the meal fresh and presentabe and you get one of the lovely clay pots free.

We found the kebabs meltingly tender and the rice, well it is just perfect, making a great biryiani is an art and here in Chef Arsh Thakur it’s found an artist.

Address: 7 Edgware Road, W2 2ER