Restaurant Reviews from July 2010

July 2010 Restaurant Reviews Archive from Foodepedia

  • Afternoon Tea at Dean Street Townhouse

    Saturday July 31st, 2010

    At Dean Street Townhouse, you will find the afternoon crowd lunching alfresco, slowly displaced by more mature guests inside the restaurant as evening approaches; all well heeled of course.

  • The Lonsdale, 48 Lonsdale Road, Notting Hill

    Friday July 30th, 2010

    Some things, as good as they are on their own, don't necessarily work in combination so, aware that our evening’s destination, The Lonsdale, specialises in steaks and cocktails, we had some doubts, but were naturally optimistic, off we went to the ever-popular Notting Hill. While their specialities of cocktails and steak aren't an obvious fit, they do both to a very high standard.

  • Cantina Laredo

    Thursday July 29th, 2010

    I suppose the West End is full of these unauthentic tourist havens that people flock to for a quick-fix meal, as long as authenticity isn’t high on the agenda and so Cantina Laredo may fit the bill.  But for people who know about food and expect quality and standards that match the steep prices that they are paying, I would give Cantina Laredo a miss.

  • The Chin-Chin Labs

    Thursday July 29th, 2010

    “Liquid nitrogen isn’t just a gimmick” says Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur as he pushes his safety goggles back onto his head with a gloved hand. “Chin Chin is all about flavour: we just want to make delicious ice cream. London’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour has arrived at Camden Lock market

  • NOW

    Tuesday July 27th, 2010

    NOW is that what I call Chinese? It's Chinese street food for the masses, who probably didn’t know they wanted it until now, not living on Chinese streets themselves.They really do seem to want it NOW though; the queue is snaking out the door. There is no snake on the menu; no doubt someone thought that might not suit the tastes of a customer base largely dressed in Marks & Spencers' suits.

  • The Burger Wagon -DIY Carpark

    Monday July 26th, 2010

    Burgers, it seems, are all the rage. My young friends tell me that Twitter is alive with people chasing ‘the best burger in town’ in the manner of obsessed birdwatchers. No sooner has one greasy Twitcher found a new burger outlet than a score of others, no doubt clad in fluorescent anoraks, hurry round as fast as their Oyster Cards will carry them.

  • The Park Restaurant, Lucknam Park

    Sunday July 25th, 2010

    I’ll lay my cards on the table from the off: I think Hywel Jones is one of the UK’s most exciting chefs. In fact let me go one step further: last night I had one of the most enjoyable meal of my life (and I’ve darned lucky enough to have been to some of the best). The Park is one of the best (as far as I’m now concerned).

  • The Regent, Balham, London

    Thursday July 22nd, 2010

    We had a really good evening at The Regent, it felt like an old-fashioned pub (in a good way), but with interesting food, and a broad range of drinks on offer, it has a contemporary feel that makes for a good experience. At a time when pubs are reported as facing tough times, places like this deserve support and it certainly has ours.

  • The Duke of York, St Johns Wood

    Thursday July 22nd, 2010

    Nobody likes to dine alone, but there’s such a warm and friendly atmosphere in The Duke of York that it isn’t an issue. The staff are talkative and friendly without being overbearing. You can genuinely tell that they will go out of their way to make sure you have the best time possible. A really charming venue with a strong talent for cooking

  • The Bull Hotel Restaurant and The Stable, Bridport, Dorset

    Thursday July 22nd, 2010

    The Bull a double fronted Hotel on East Street gives the impression that it is a fairly modest establishment. However, apart from the nineteen guest rooms, there are two bars, a dining room and a rather impressive ballroom. There is also The Stable, which has its own bar, where cider is the focus, together with some interesting and tasty pizzas and pies.

  • The Grill Room at Wentworth Club

    Wednesday July 21st, 2010

    The Grill Room is a decadent culinary haven and definitely has what it takes to hold its own at this infamous golf club. Prices are not as extreme as you might expect for a club with this level of reputation; value for money is very much high on the agenda here and they certainly deliver on it.

  • Goldfish, Gresham Street

    Tuesday July 20th, 2010

    Modern Chinese cuisine and dim sum, it's a curious combination so just how “modern” is the latest offering from the Goldfish family?

  • Hot Stuff

    Tuesday July 20th, 2010

    Douglas Blyde heads to a less than salubrious part of Oval for a deeply spiced feast at cult Indian brasserie, 'Hot Stuff'...

  • Brasserie One

    Thursday July 15th, 2010

    A very good lunch and perhaps the most resounding reason being that everything is just right. The cooking is good, the dishes are well thought out, the atmosphere is spot-on and in all the feeling is that, for a lunch, Brasserie One is just right and definitely more enchanting than squashing into the nearest franchise chain outlet.

  • Le Cafe du Marche

    Thursday July 15th, 2010

    Inside Le Café du Marche you don’t feel lost, you feel right at home; this is a tranche of France that is as Gallic as surrendering without a shot. The walls are bare brick and you can scent the cooking on the air, something sadly lacking in restaurants where the trendy chef is cooking via Twitter.

  • Nozomi, Knightsbridge

    Thursday July 15th, 2010

    Nozomi is battling to bring down costs by offering special Bento box deals at lunchtime as a way of luring in locals. Bento boxes are boxes of of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, originally designed as take out meals or lunch packs prepared at home for people to carry to work or school. In the UK we call them Tupperware Boxes.

  • 101 Pimlico Road

    Tuesday July 13th, 2010

    It was with surprise and great delight I found myself having a jolly old time half an hour later in 101 Pimlico Road, a place that has quickly become a favourite neighbourhood hang-out for our co-diners in the six months since it opened.

  • Zan Zi Bar, High Street, Edgware, Middlesex

    Sunday July 11th, 2010

    The food at Zan Zi Bar is excellent, and worth going out of your way for, or maybe trying a take away or home delivery, we certainly enjoyed their food, beer and the Sauvignon Blanc.

  • The Three Tuns, Market Square, Henley

    Sunday July 11th, 2010

    Henley has an interesting mixture of one-off estabishments and 21st century chains, and listed buildings abound. The town combines the old and the new, which is what The Three Tuns are doing under one roof, to great effect.

  • Entree, Clapham

    Tuesday July 6th, 2010

    'You know that you can see right up the girls' skirts when they climb those stairs?' asks P, pausing for a moment from sucking on her colourful cocktail. Really dear I hadn't noticed.  Well, actually of course I'd noticed, that's why I was busy looking anywhere but in that direction. Being thrown out of a restaurant for noncing before the starter could be viewed as unprofessional behaviour in some quarters.

  • Re-Fuelling at An Architecture ‘Feastival’

    Sunday July 4th, 2010

    Marking the final days of London’s 16-day long Festival of Architecture, a feast for 100 occurred in a decommissioned ‘Texaco’ petrol station in Clerkenwell...

  • Bob Bob Ricard, Upper James Street, London

    Thursday July 1st, 2010

    Bob Bob Ricard is a great place to eat, you could simply go there and experience the Zakuski and ice cold vodka, or other small plates, with vodka shots or other drinks, alternatively choose from their a la carte menu which has items to suit all pockets. We had a great time there and will definitely go back. We loved it and are sure you will.

  • The Lock, The Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel, Egham, Surrey

    Thursday July 1st, 2010

    The Lock is an excellent restaurant to seek out and go to for lunch or dinner. The decor in the restaurant is relaxing and makes for a great setting in which to sit and enjoy a meal, the patio should you wish to eat outside has a great outlook. With great views and really good food, this is a place worth making your way to.