Crazy Pizza takes brunching to a whole different level. Instead of the standard one and a half hour, or two-hour slot (if you’re lucky), of bottomless drinks marathon you get to immerse yourselves in a fun experience at your own pace.

My friend and I arrived on a sunny afternoon at exactly midday to a flower decorated entrance where eager and very dressed up guests were cheerfully entering the Crazy Pizza restaurant, Knightsbridge.

We were welcomed by friendly staff and shown to a cosy leather seating where another smiley face, our waiter’s, greeted us. “Champagne?” he promptly asked us as he gracefully poured it into our flutes. How could we say no?

Once we settled and had an initial catch up we decided it was time for our starters. Before coming in I’d had a sneak peak at the menu and made a huge mistake misinterpreting it.

The mistake was to have a light breakfast before I left the house. Because we actually get all the starters listed on the menu including caponata with mozzarella, which is a spring bright inspired salad with pine nuts.

A truffle infused arancini with parmesan each, delicious rosemary fries and the signature crispy thin focaccia bread. I’ve already mentioned Crazy Pizza’s famous thin focaccia bread before, in my Olive Oil Tasting article.

I’ve missed and craved it ever since. So the first thing I did was to place the focaccia square on my plate and drizzle it with the fresh crisp green apple and spinach Crazy Virgin olive oil. 

glass of spritz

No, the olive oil does not contain any apple or spinach, but rather has hints of it, an indication of quality, freshness and a prompt bottling process.

We were just casually enjoying our starters when very unexpectedly the music tone switched to “We No Speak Americano” and the waiters came out clapping large wooden serving boards. While two other gentlemen served limoncello shots along with flaming fountains to all tables.

We all had a shot, clapped, made some noise and went back to our starters a little later as they were too tempting to neglect for long. Then a saxophonist playing pop classics appeared from nowhere and made his way around tables.

Our neighboring table joined him for a dance while we cheerfully watched.

A champagne glass later it was time to make our pizza choice. As a truffle enthusiast I went for a Tartufo – a creamy melted buffalo mozzarella topped with truffle paste and plentiful shavings of fresh black truffle.

The pizza base was the Crazy Pizza’s signature thin, guilt free pizza crust. Who needs thick calorie rich dough when you have so much truffle and mozzarella to eat? I tucked in.

My friend, being the carnivore she is, went for Ventricina with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and Ventricina spicy salami. She said it had a lovely spice kick to it, which was well balanced by the melted mozzarella.

Half way through our pizzas we started to realise that we were approaching our fullness levels. And if I was planning on having any dessert it was definitely time for a take away box.

By then we’d watched and participated in the conga line dance with sparklers, had another round of shots of coffee liquors under the “We No Speak Americano” tunes, and saw the epic pizza spinning show by the chef who came out to the restaurant floor to spin a massive pizza base.

It felt like I burnt enough calories dancing in the conga line and laughing so it was time for the dessert. The choice was between a crazy cake, mascarpone cream topped with croissant pieces, or a classic tiramisu.

I chose tiramisu to share, which came in a very sizable portion. The sponge was rich in coffee flavour and the mascarpone part was creamy but light.

It looked so tempting that even my guest, who previously firmly insisted on not having any due to being full, ended up having quite a few heaped spoonfuls. 

Writing about it makes me regret not finishing it, but we were completely out of space by then. I paired the dessert with a Sorrento cocktail.

I was intrigued by the passion fruit & basil wine and apricot brandy in the cocktail. It tasted like summer but not too sweet. And my guest had the classic Aperol Spritz followed by an espresso before we headed out back into the reality.  

We laughed, danced and just had so much fun. The Crazy Bubbles is a 3 hour experience complete with 3 course meal, unlimited champagne, signature cocktails, house wines, beer, tea and coffee and much, much, more.

32-34 Hans Cres



Crazy Bubbles Brunch is available Saturdays 12-3, book here