Fino is a stand alone bar recently opened in the City, that celebrates the flavours of the Pampas, highlighting the venue’s Argentinian and Brazilian heritage . 

Translating to ‘refined’, Fino emanates contemporary elegance and finesse, from cocktail presentation to the finer décor touches.

Fino is also a partner to the Fazenda restaurant, which sits a floor above the bar. Like Fino the restaurant also focuses on re-imagining traditional cuisine from the Pampas in Argentina and Southern Brazil.

The dishes are served in authentic Rodizio style (a unique method of serving a variety of grilled meats carved at the table), alongside an à la carte menu.

With floor to ceiling glass windows and sleek décor both establishments are rather noticeable even from the outside. Sat on the weekday busy Bishopsgate I can see the Fino buzzing with business lunches, outings with friends and colleagues in the evenings.

And date nights alike as its cosmopolitan style would certainly impress those who invite their first date here. With averaging of £15 per cocktail, Fino is also a pocket reasonable destination.

Our visit is however, on a Saturday evening and it’s just the right amount of crowd with the clientele being mostly locals catching up, welcoming walk-ins while Fazenda is fully booked.

And I appreciate why, the bar dishes and drinks alike are exquisite.

We are recommended Fino’s signature dishes: beef rib croquettes with a chimichurri mayo, Gamba Patagónica and Scottish scallops with traditional moqueca sauce to name a few.

Having just been to Menorca, we had a fair share of croquettes there and seafood of course, so the expectations were rather high. Intrigued by the giant king prawn that was immediately my first choice.

It’s a giant thing, bigger than my palm. The prawn is simply grilled with chimichurri spice, a humble but best way really, you want minimal condiments to fully appreciate the flavours of the prawn.

Sweet, plump and delicate, cooked to perfection with the size resembling a lobster tail a little.

Our next dish is also a highlight, carabinero scarlet prawn with clusters of red roe mullet and white crumbly feta cheese, the presentation is as beautiful as a flower bed at a flower show.  

The feta is an interesting choice, but also a rather satisfying pairing, one to inspire for new palates.

It wouldn’t be a bar without proper cocktails, as with the dishes there’s too little space and too many to admire. My perhaps top favourite, although, it’s a very close call, is Nectar de los Andes.

Inspired by the Lima’s Lady Bee bar it’s La Diabla Pisco, beesou, lychee, passion fruit, honey and yogurt in a whiskey glass.

It may sound like a lassi, but you could’t be more wrong. It’s clarified, served clear with a pink tint over just one ice cube and a sugared bee, delicate and smooth with sweet elegant notes.

My guest’s favourite is Drink no Evil, an intriguing combination of Eminente Claro Rum, beetroot, coffee beans and Rubis chocolate wine. An unconventional and bold pairing rooted in Argentinian Tres Monos bar.

It’s a coupe with an amber liquid and pink (courtesy of beetroot) foam, the beauty of this cocktail is, as the time goes by the foam slowly melts into the liquid adding rosy blush and altering the flavour.

Next is Mexico inspired Smoky Revel. A smoky drink of mezcal verde, green Chartreuse and Veuve Clicquot. Again quite an un-classic pairing, which I was concerned will be too herbal because of the chartreuse but it kind of reminds me of grape juice.

Freshly squeezed, not from concentrate, high quality grape juice with a hint of smokiness, herbs and sparkle.

We left the most dessert-like dish for the last, churros ,but this time with crème fraîche and Cornish Baerii caviar. If you think abut it churros are made with similar batter to pancakes, just a little thicker to hold the churros shape.

So really it’s like the classical breakfast of pancakes and caviar just a reinvented form and a little crispier being it’s churros.

Some might be familiar with the Baerii, a frequent species of sturgeon present in most Siberian rivers and commonly farmed for its caviar and meat around the world, Cornwall including. The Cornish Baerri caviar is seasoned with Cornish salt, being high in minerals it adds a unique palate to the roe.

Fino thought of every detail when making this dish, even the crème fraîche is a thicker and more of an authentic smetana type.

The churros present a balanced foundation of carby goodness, complemented by a refreshing and mildly tangy bed. This serves as the ideal canvas to harmonise the saltiness and brininess of the caviar, creating a symphony of flavors with a slightly creamy mouthfeel.

An ideal dish to complete the evening. Fino is a fantastic bar where every detail, from expertly crafted cocktails to delicious bar bites, is carefully curated. The dishes we tried were some of the best we’ve had in a while.

Fino Bishopsgate, 100 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 1GT