Morty & Bob’s a family owned all-day restaurant, café and bar invited Foodepedia to try its famed grilled cheese sandwiches in Coal Drops Yard in Kings Cross.

Morty & Bob’s is a relaxed home away from home venue serving comfort food, snacks and drinks. Their menu consists of locally sourced, seasonal American-influenced British dishes such as egg brunches, salad bowls and hot sandwiches.  

The brand is also passionate about supporting local producers and stocks a wide range of London-made beers, spirits and mixers. 

They do interesting season inspired cocktails such as rhubarb bellini at the moment because well you know rhubarbs are now grown in greenhouses in the UK stretching the season from December to late summer. 

Naturally, that was my first choice. While my guest opted in for a healthier version – a freshly squeezed green juice with kale, ginger and green apple. It looked and tasted fresh and healthy, too gingery for me but perfect for my guest as she loves the ginger spice.  

The menu is good with plenty of classics to choose from such as traditional brunch egg dishes to mushroom croquettes and chicken schnitzels. As it’s evening we ignore the egg plates and go for meatier options flat iron steak sandwich for my guest and chicken schnitzel for me, which actually comes topped with a perfectly soft centred fried egg. 

While we wait for mains we share mushroom croquettes, they come very dark and rich inside with a light thin crisp coating and some spring greens topped with almond flakes. It’s a simple dish but when prepared right it’s just great. 

And of course the melted cheese sandwich, which does not disappoint. Plenty of melted cheese squeezed between toasted sourdough is just perfect. The sandwich is accompanied by a chunky pickle, which we share with my guest it goes well with savoury cheese.

So far so good, the portions are filling and taste very fresh, we keep them on the side in anticipation for the mains. The steak sandwich comes with another bowl of fries and we already ordered one with truffle so it’s more than enough for two of us.

Even the sandwich is a sizeable portion enough to feed a hungry person, plenty of filling plus medium rare slices of steak between crisp and fluffy focaccia. My guest is also impressed with the choice of the bread but it’s too much for her and we did plan to leave space for a dessert.

I struggle to finish my chicken schnitzel, it’s faultless, fresh tender meat inside in just the right golden panko coating, which was fried in fresh oil too. The egg with a soft bright yellow yolk is a bonus.

We’re starting to struggle so deciding to leave a few plates for home and move on to desserts. We agree on Biscoff French toast and flourless brownie paired with beetroot red fresh juice for my guest and spritz for me.

The drinks arrive slightly on the warmer side especially my guest’s juice, an easy to resolve issue as I generously agree to share my spritz ice with her.

Like the savoury dishes desserts are sizeable, we got two impressive looking slabs of French toast smothered in Biscoff sauce and it’s meant to be for one. I’m more of a dulce de leche girl but in this case the Biscoff is not bad.

In fact the toast is quite good, soft in the centre with a slightly crispier edges, very sweet even for my very sweet tooth guest. We share one slice topping it generously with fruit compote for some sour notes and pack the second one home.

We decide to finish the brownie on the spot, although it’s chocolate rich it’s more on the bitter side thanks to the dark chocolate content, it also comes with a cooling ice cream scoop and the same red berry compote. A great brownie, again no complaints there.

My guest’s earthier beetroot dominant juice is great for rich desserts like this. We chat away scooping last bits of red berries and melted ice cream off the plate with spoons. It’s time for home.

Morty & Bob’s with bricks and mortar slightly industrial décor is a great little spot for a casual get together. The menu offers plenty of choice to please most diner palettes and sitting right at the Coal Drops Yard it brings menu diversity with it’s all day brunch options.

Morty & Bob’s has three sites in London including Kensal Rise, Kings Cross and Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush.

Morty & Bob’s, Coal Drops Yard London N1C 4DQ