NYnLON a new bistro in town serving New York inspired classics under the London scene.

A recent addition to the Hyatt restaurant group is NYnLON. A casual bistro set right across Blackfriars train station. We visited this new venue on a rainy Friday.

Although it’s a little quiet for a Friday evening perhaps due to it being so new, it gives out a calm dining ambience, which I think can be a good thing for those occasions when you just want to sink into comfy seating and enjoy the company and chat with your guest.

That was exactly what we did. Alongside us there were a few couples, as well as solos, and a group of friends the last two being hotel guests I would guess as they turned up without jackets.

Today’s mission at NYnLON was primarily to try out the Valentine’s seafood platter offered 13-15th February. Guests can choose between classical seafood platter for £75 or with half a lobster for £105.

While meat eaters can enjoy a fine 750g of dry aged rib on bone for £89.

Since the seafood platter is our main to keep up with the sea theme I go for a prawn cocktail and deep fried squid to share.

While my meat eating guest orders steak tartar. I’m quite impressed with my prawn cocktail, it showcases two large shell on prawns hooked on the side of the glass bowl and a decent amount of jumbo peeled prawns in marie rose sauce.

I think we counted about seven prawns, accompanied by chopped and whole romain lettuce. It’s a balanced cocktail, with just the right amount of ingredients that are easy to reach too.

Is it just me or..? I often find prawn cocktail ingredients are so firmly stuffed into a serving bowl that you have to eat the top layer, traditionally prawns, to reach the lettuce. The end result is that you end up rationing last few prawns against a humongous amount of lettuce.

I also had the squid as a side dish, which was a tad oily for me but very fresh and a decent portion, it comes with an interesting ‘nduja mayo dip for a bit of a picante touch and at only £8.

My guest’s steak tartar is a sizable portion too, topped with qual egg and capers as expected. It pairs well with the oasted ciabatta that’s included on the side there.

We rush through the starters in anticipation of the seafood platter, which is brought out by the chef himself. It’s an impressive and sizable plate.

For our main I order a glass of fruity Valdobbiadene Brut Della Vite Prosecco. Seafood platter and a glass of bubbly is just a perfect marriage.  

Speaking of grape beverages it should be noted that NYnLON has a decent selection of fairly priced wines including some English sparkling, US and even orange wines.

For the seafood platter we start with very fresh oyster each followed by all the molluscs there. Each variety is dressed in a different type of sauce, cockles with a bit of soy and wakame, mussels in sweet chilli, scallop ceviche with lime and radish.

There are also petit crab tarts to try and more shell on prawns just like in my prawn cocktail. It’s a whole mini prawn cocktail in fact, but you can never have too much quality prawns.

Having said that the seafood platter is plenty to share for two, guests should arrive hungry to manage it. Especially if they are planning on having starters or desserts.

We had to give up half way through our desserts. I think being an American style diner NYnLON certainly matches the US portions well.

Apple crumble although incredibly delectable with sweet and sour chunky cubes of apple is undoubtly a portion to share. The apple crumble is so sizeable it comes in a mini sauce pot.

While the lemon dome is an equally substantial slice. It’s a layered cake with zesty lemon cream and thin sponge layers in between. And to my disappointment a rather thin layer of burnt soft meringue on the side.

As a meringue fan I hoped for a good thick slobber of the eggs whites but that’s just my personal preference.

If you are out and about in Blackfriars area NYnLON is a good spot for a casual drink, the seafood or meat platter for Valentine’s or a good American classic like a grilled slice of meat or a burger.

NYnLON, 19 New Bridge St, London EC4V 6DB