Boxpark Shoreditch, 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, Hackney, London, E1 6GY

It has grown since its early days in a temporary gazebo on Portobello Road Market, and Poptata fries are now available in four different locations – Boxpark Shoreditch, Boxpark Croydon, Portobello Road and now Tooting Market – their newest site.

mcith_Poptata-Portobello-Fries.jpgItalian founders Marco and Luca wanted to take something so wonderfully British, the chip, and put their own twist on it. When you go to Poptata, you are faced with that evocative fried potato smell and a wall of choice.

From the classic option, double fried with salt and herbal seasoning, to chorifries topped with chorizo, goat cheese and paprika, to halloumi fries (the latest cheesy trend to take over the city).

Or, if you don’t want one of their recommendations, you can customise or built your own order from a selection of dips and toppings which can be made vegetarian and vegan.

The Portobello fries, part of Poptata’s‘Legendary Cheesy’ selection, sound simple enough – cheddar, sauce, caramelised onions and mustard – but they are anything but. 

The chips are oozing with cheese, while the caramelised onion pools in a sticky mess at the bottom of the container.

Nothing is scrimped on which is exactly what you want when ordering something like this. If you’re looking for a hearty side, order the small. If you’re feeling hungry, opt for the medium. And the large? Well, it’s not for the faint hearted.


If you’re after something with a bit more oompff, try Poptata’s’Loaded’ fries. The Guaca Fries do not disappoint. Smashed avocado, halloumi and roast peppers.

You can’t go wrong with that combination really. The sauce has a little bit of spiciness to it as well. Not too much, just enough to make your gums tingle. However, it does only come in one size which was far too large for me to take on alone.

The only slightly disappointing element of Poptata was the goldenness of the fries. They were a little lacklustre, a bit pale and a little insipid for fries that are advertised as being double fried and “cooked to golden perfection”.

However, when covered with that much sauce, cheese and other goodness, they are always going to go a soggier than if served plain.

If you’re in the area and have a fries craving, I can definitely recommend going to Poptata for a hit of their tasty chips.