Hennessy Cognac recently partnered with a multi-faceted TT Liquor Shoreditch to celebrate upcoming artists with its new Live Sessions and a new cognac cocktail list.  

Hennessy Cognac is hosting the innovative Live Sessions on the first Tuesday of the month at TT Liquor Shoreditch. Guests can enjoy free entry and crafty cocktail creations including limited edition French 125 and Henneythyme, Henneywhere with The World Famous Gordos Pizzas on the terrace from 6pm to 11pm.  

Have you ever been to TT Liquor Shoreditch? I cannot believe I walked past it so many times without realising what was hiding behind the store doors. The bar has quite a unique layout.  

The venue combines three bar styles in one. There is the always favourite rooftop for warmer days overlooking East London. Then a classic bar sharing a floor with the TT Liquor shop as well as a secret underground wine cellar bar.  

Its exposed brick walls and overflowing candle wax alcohol bottles set a medieval theme, perhaps unintentionally Halloween even. 

After the bar tour I made my way to the rooftop to try the pizzas. There is a fine selection of meaty and vegetarian pizza options on offer.

The World Famous Gordos are also big on fior di latte (flower of the milk) in their pizzas, which is a more lighter and milkier version of mozzarella. In addition to a selection of classical starters such as garlic knots and ‘nduja burrata.

The burrata was definitely on the spicier side but it paired well with a citrus infused French 125 (Hennessy, Oleo Saccharum and Moët NV).

I was told that Oleo Saccharum is a citrus fusion made from clementine and lemon peel without the white pith. Naturally giving French 125 a pleasing zesty finish although, I would have preferred if the cocktail was served a little colder. 

There is a fast paced environment at the rooftop. The staff are very prompt with service while being knowledgeable of the menu so they won’t leave you hanging with an empty glass long.

My pizza arrived swiftly. That evening I fancied simple and more subtle ingredients. So I picked Giardino – san marzano tomato, black olive pesto, artichoke and basil oil. It was up to scratch. The pizza was a bit mellow with saltiness of olives in the pesto giving plenty of space for artichoke to flourish.

The crust was also top level: crisp at the top yet stretchy and cooked inside with the dough bubbles slightly burnt at the right spots. A very Neapolitan style.

I finished the pizza in no time while sipping on my newly arrived cocktail – Henneythyme, Hennywhere (Hennessy, lemon, thyme syrup topped with soda).

It was sharp and fresh on the tongue with the added rich intensity of Hennessy, despite containing syrup it was very light.

The time on the rooftop flew by and before I knew it was time for the Live Sessions in the cellar bar. So we made our way there. After a tad bit chilly outdoor time the cellar was welcomingly warm, even a little cosy with it getting pretty busy.

You get a choice between intimate seated rooms with curved Gothic brick ceiling or mingling in the main performance room. Either way you get to see, hear the band and well even dance a little if you fancy. We certainly did.

We had a great evening, from rooftop to the underground. In addition to Live Sessions TT Liquor also offers a range of experiences – from cocktail-making classes and tasting to dining experiences and film nights.  

Live Session’s Dates and Artists:

  • Tuesday 4th October 2022
  • Tuesday 1st November 2022
  •  Tuesday 6th December 2022

TT Liquor Shoreditch, 17B Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AA