Join friends and family at Sea Containers on Thursday 24 November for their limited edition three-course Thanksgiving lunch.

As a British person, the US tradition of combining sweet potato and marshmallows as a side dish has always seemed crazy. However, Sea Containers Thanksgiving menu proved that the, assumed-monstrous food pairing, actually makes one of the most heavenly desserts you could wish for.

But let’s not skip straight to the finale because the starting course of buck carpaccio deserves some recognition. Beetroot and carrot came intertwined with slivers of red, tender meat – so thin that it tore simply and effortlessly.

While the meat itself lacked any flavour worth taking note of, the sweet beetroot and the bitter kick from the sprinkling of delicate green leaves gave the whole plate a hand-up, setting an air of anticipation and expectation for the main event, which of course, was turkey.

I don’t know about you but I’m usually disappointed when I go to any restaurant for a roast dinner, after all nothing beats mum’s roast, does it? However, the team at Sea Containers made a pretty decent effort, turning a traditional Thanksgiving offering, and the staple roast combination of meat, potatoes, and veg, into a delectable, elegant feast.

First, a heap of turkey landed in front of me that I could tell, without even taking a bite,  was cooked to perfection. The meat appeared so tender and glistened under a coating of gravy. My assumptions were correct – one mouthful of turkey, accompanied by a sticky, sweet cranberry sauce, sent a chorus of agreement around the table.

While the plate needed a double dosing of the gravy to be a real winner of a roast, the bowlfuls of potatoes, green beans, and grilled corn, definitely helped to secure this Thanksgiving dinner an easy second place in my eyes. Each potato was golden and crisp on the outside, but beautifully fluffy on the inside; the beans added a welcome freshness that balanced out the richness of the rest of the plate; and the corn, while a little tricky to eat, was coated  in a glaze that managed to combine sweetness, saltiness, and a hint of smoky barbecue.

Up there as one of the best parts of the plate was the stuffing; a decent-sized disc, packed full of flavour. I could have easily eaten three of these but that’s just me being greedy. 

Traditionally, the sweet potato and marshmallow component of Thanksgiving accompanies the main course, but Sea Containers takes it easy on British diners wanting to get a taste of a Thanksgiving spectacle, and holds it back until dessert. Don’t worry Thanksgiving experts – it’s worth the wait.

Encased in a crumbly shortcrust pastry is a creamy custard filling spiced with the warmth of cinnamon and nutmeg. Cutting through this wintery spice is a topping of toasted marshmallow. Sometimes marshmallows can be tricky – no one wants to end up in a sticky, sugary mess while dining out at a restaurant – but the chef manages to nail the topping, keeping it more oozy than gooey, and sweet without being sickly.

While this would have been impressive as it was, the dessert also came hand in hand with a scoop of chocolate and sea salt ice cream; each flavour distinct and cleverly matched. A dash of sea salt mellowed the rich, indulgent chocolate ice cream that rested on a crumbling of bitter, chocolate biscuit, providing a necessary crunch.

Rounding off the dessert was a sweep of sweet potato purée across the plate that elevated the dessert beyond a simple custard tart to a refined marrying of components that demonstrated great culinary talent. 

While the Turkey main represents all the comforting familiarity of your typical Thanksgiving dinner, the complete offering at Sea Containers makes for a feast that is sure to gain your thanks. On top of enjoying all Sea Containers has to offer in terms of its elegance and magical Southbank, riverside dining space, choosing this Thanksgiving dinner means the restaurant will donate £5 of the £45 dinner to The Felix Project which helps to feed the homeless in London.

Only available for Thanksgiving lunch, join friends and family for this limited edition menu but you might want to organise a taxi home because this feast will definitely leave you waddling home, stuffed as well as the Thanksgiving turkey.

Sea Containers London
20 Upper Ground
South Bank
London SE1 9PD