The Table Cafe a popular restaurant that made its fame through brunch dishes opened second venue in Battersea Rise, which now also serves dinner and cocktails.

The new The Table Cafe is situated a short walk from Clapham Junction, the area that boomed since the conversion of Battersea Power station into shopping and leisure destination.

About 7 years ago when I was a Battersea resident CJ was just dipping its toes into the brunching trend, delis and organic stores. Now it’s all very hip, even the new M&S is set up in Whole Foods Market style.

So The Table Cafe fits right in. Just like the trend goes The Table is spacious very much Scandi look with a few pastel accents and comfy sitting, making it also a great location for those preferring to work with their laptop in a café rather than home. And CJ is popular with those residents.  

Like Southwark Battersea venue is serving the fan favourites’ brunch dishes such as the Brunch Club Pancakes and the Breakfast Stack while their dinner menu consists of a great choice of smaller plates and a few sizable dishes plus The Table’s range of burgers of course.

To allow us to try as many dishes as possible we are served mini collections of the Chef’s chosen dishes. We start with melted Baron Bigod Brie.

Coincidentally Baron Bigod Brie is actually one of my favorites. It’s that type of brie that has a visibly formed a little porous and crumbly middle and oozingly melting along the rind.

Those two clearly different textures in one are usually hard to find unless you go to a specialised cheese deli. Normally with bries it’s one or another or something in between.

This one comes melted on a sourdough with truffle honey. A simple yet complete in the flavour harmony with saltiness and subtle honey sweetness.

We also get a fair few of pardon peppers with almond white sauce another Table’s side dish.

For drinks the café does a fair share of cocktails, quite a few can be ordered 3 ways. Classic Margarita, Mescal or Picante. Sour Amaretto, Sour Cherry, Sour Whiskey, you get the idea plus there is Table’s Favs.

I go for Rum +Raspberry Passion from Table’s Favs while my guest orders Old Fashioned cherry. His is strong and on point with a Maraschino cherry releasing the burgundy syrup into the cocktail.

I’m sipping mine and slowly watching how the old fashioned changes the colour gradually turning ombre because of just one cherry.

My guest is very pleased with his drink, he says all the proportions are followed well making it smooth yet strong.

Contrary to mine, which at first I thought was mostly light fresh raspberry juice, the rum actually sneaks up on you. A few of those and you’ll be stumbling down the Battersea Rise back home.

Good thing we still have a few dishes to try. Our favorite is burrata with sun-dried tomato pesto dots. They go so well together, who new? I’ll be making the combo at home from now on.

Then come the generous mains it’s grilled bavette with chimichurri. It’s prepared medium rare and is very tender although chimichurri could be a little bit stronger. But at just £16 for that portion it’s not bad at all.

We share it with parmesan truffle fries and chimichurri sweet potato rounds, which are essentially chunky sliced sweet potato tumbers. The latte is sweet and a little earthy, I’m very happy with the sides.

We order another round of cocktails Mescal Margarita because I am a fan of smokiness Mezcal adds to zesty Margaritas and Sour Cherry for my guest. Once again they are spot on.

We share a well prepared vegan brownie and vanilla shakes, you can add a shot for an extra £4. I don’t, mine is classic, a smooth and creamy vanilla, not as creamy as I prefer but still very decent with a natural vanilla note.

If you’ve been putting off your visit to The Table Cafe because it’s a brunch place closing early in Southwark, now there’s no excuse. The Table Cafe in Battersea Rise does dinner, cocktails and two for one on Table’s Fav cocktails from 5 till 7pm daily.

The Table Cafe, 35-37 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG