Atis, a plant based bowl company, is celebrating Veganuary with two new limited additions to their menu – Winter Bowl ‘23 and The Plant Therapy.

The Atis two bowls are created in partnership with Poilâne granola and Willy’s ACV Vinaigrette dressing.

The Plant Therapy features shredded kale, cabbage, romaine lettuce, tahini chickpeas, pickled red onion, cucumber, turmeric cauliflower, smoked almonds and tahini dressing.

plant therapy atis

It had a good balance of textures and flavours. For those thinking salads are boring you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Both bowls have plenty of flavour.

I was a particular fan of the turmeric cauliflower and tahini chickpeas in The Plant Therapy. The tahini dressing rounded up the flavour very well adding smokiness and sweetness.

However, the pickled red onions had to go. I enjoy pickled and fermented veggies but I prefer the European or Asian style. The UK way makes it very vinegary and sour. My friend appreciated them though.

We also shared a Winter Bowl ’23, which comes with shredded kale, red cabbage, baby spinach, orange slaw, smokey crumbly goat’s cheese, beetroot and Poilâne granola and Willy’s Apple Cider Vinegar Vinaigrette dressing.

It was also very good, the earthy notes of beetroot combined with creaminess of goats cheese make a forever classic. Granola added a lovely crunch and extra nutrients.

winter bowl atis

My friend loved the Willy’s ACV Vinaigrette dressing. For me, it was slightly sour although I still had a little bit.

I have mixed relationship with apple vinegar. I am aware that raw apple vinegar with a live mother (the cloudy bit) is high in vitamins and probiotics great for immune system, but I just struggle with its sour flavour.

The vinaigrette with its sweeter milder side is a good way to incorporate intake of apple vinegar, especially for people like me who are not head over heels over vinegar.

Atis is a good spot if you are tired of the usual sandwiches, wraps or sushi. It is expanding fast and has four locations throughout London including Old Street the original one and a new addition in Canary Wharf.

The bowls are a good size and filling enough for a lunch or a lighter dinner. They have plenty of nutritious, colourful bowls with loads of variety packed into one bowl to tick your 5 a day. 

Atis is keeping its interesting vegan classics such as the all green Keep It Lean. A warm Miso Disco with miso red cabbage and Shroomi 2.0 with Portobello mushrooms.

winter bowl '23 atis

It also offers build your own bowl both for delivery and takeaway, with customers able to choose from a variety of fresh ingredients to suit their preference, with the option to make their bowl vegan by replacing classic dressings with one of their ‘plant powered dressings’.

For those with a sweet tooth, in January Atis has tolled out new cookies to all four of its sites from The After School Cookie Club, London’s first plant-based cookie bakery.

Available in chocolate chip and double chocolate flavours it is the perfect way to keep spirits high this January but a vegan style.

Atis sites also offer flavoured vitamin pouches from Zooki to enhance their health journey. Zooki is a brand specialising in nutrient dense convenient products designed to provide your body with the perfect amount of vitamins.

Consumers will be able to choose from Citrus Vit C, Berry Vit D and Mango Collagen for the much needed January vitamin kick.