The Microplane Master Series puts class into your kitchen

Every kitchen needs a good grater but many of us just have those steel box things. These are pretty good for grating cheddar, and when using the big holes, but anything else is hard work.

That’s because they are usually flimsy things and the grater elements are not really sharp. Plus, they are best used on a chopping board, they handle badly when you want to grate directly into a dish, such as adding zest or spice.

Microplane graters from the USA have rather revolutionised grating. Using the technology of photo-etching and stainless-steel blades they are remarkably sharp and stay that way for effortless grating of everything from cheese and chocolate to citrus zest and hard spices like nutmeg.

The new Microplane Master Series keeps all that technology and adds classy handles made from Kentucky walnut plus a rubber foot so if you lean the grater on a surface it doesn’t skid away from you as you work.

They come in four types; a zester, a fine grater, a coarse grater, extra coarse and ribbon and they all look very elegant indeed. Each comes with its own protective sleeve for safe storage in drawers and a half-moon shaped stainless steel loop at the end of the handle also allows cooks to display thecollection on a kitchen wall or rack for easy access, while the packaging is rather classy so making it a proper gift to give.

They are not to be put in the dishwasher or left soaking, though. Hand wash them with the love they deserve and oil up the wood from time to time to keep it looking lovely.

Grate expectations? Ask for one for Xmas.

The Microplane Master Series is available from selected cookshops nationwideincluding Divertiment and Steamer Trading.