There are all manner of weird and wonderful burgers out there, but BurgerFi, is aiming to set itself apart by going green, with its “better burger” concept.

The Americana food trend appears to just keep growing here in the U.K. With the excitement for burgers, freak shakes, hot dogs and a good old mac ‘n’ cheese not diminishing, the only challenge new food hotspots have is how to stand out from the crowd. 

BurgerFi, the popular burger joint from Miami, South Florida, has just launched its flagship store in London. Having enlisted British Ã¢â‚¬Å“green chef”, Arthur Potts Dawson, for the launch of the UK menu the offering focusses on organic and natural ingredients. Among the high quality British beef burgers on the menu, which includes a Wagyu Beef and Brisket patty, the restaurant has a quinoa burger, made from quinoa and fresh veggies, which can be ordered in a lettuce bun and it’s a menu item said to be popular over in the states.

Rocking up on the Thursday evening for the launch, we found the atmosphere was already buzzing with excitement. The interior, similar to that of other American burger chains here in the UK, was simplistic and clean, with a mix of individual and sharing tables. At the far end of the restaurant, the condiment and drink station was home to one of the unlimited drinks machines which has lately become a staple in the takeaway style restaurants. 

Ordering is all done at the bar and the team is armed with plenty of recommendations if the menu has you overwhelmed, as it did me. With a variety of burger options from the “CEO burger” (a double Wagyu Beef and Briskit blend patty, homemade candied bacon-tomato jam, truffle aioli and aged Swiss cheese) to the “Breakfast All Day Burger” (a natural Angus burger, American cheese, bacon, maple syrup, a fried egg, a hash brown, grilled onions and ketchup) and the “Vegefi Burger” (a patty made from crispy quinoa and fresh cut veggies, served with white cheddar, lettuce, tomato and BurgerFi sauce on a multigrain bun), there is plenty to choose from. 

We settled into a smaller table for four, up on a raised seating area which gives a little extra separation from the hustle and bustle of people ordering, collecting sauces and refilling drinks. Sipping our lager (they have this as well as IPA on draught, and white and red wine too) we waited for our little vibrating, flashing order number to show its disco lights, letting us know that the food was ready for collection back at the bar. 

The tray we collected held our feast of two huge burgers, alongside a mountain of fries and two of the biggest onion rings I’d seen. 

The BurgerFi bacon cheeseburger, was served with two natural angus beef burgers, a generous helping of crispy bacon, and American cheese. Perfect for anyone looking to avoid burger sauce or mayo, it was delicious with added BBQ sauce and jalapeños, which are charged as an extra but are well worth it. 

Confused as to whether to go with a meaty option or the Vegefi burger, as I do enjoy a good veggie patty, the “Conflicted Burger” was a great choice. A juicy natural angus burger, a veggie burger, American + white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and BurgerFi sauce, it satisfied both cravings and at the end I was still debating with myself as to which was the best burger patty – a very close call! 

The onion rings, one of the highlights of the night, consisted of huge strips of onion encased in a thick batter which had a delicious crunch. The fries, ours served crispy with Parmesan and herbs, were rich and salty, and drizzled heavily in a garlic mayo sauce – delicious, but one to remember if you’re with someone who’s not into the white stuff. 

With just enough space to try the Concrete, a frozen custard dessert similar to ice cream which seems to be cropping up in a few American burger chains in London, we squeezed in a taster of the red velvet and chocolate flavours. Both options were thick, creamy and indulgent, and a great way to finish a burger feast!

With burgers priced between £4.50 (single patty) and £9.50, the cry and fry (onion rings and hand-cut fries) at £5.50 and pints at around £5, it’s pretty reasonable for a meal out at a burger joint, especially when you know the burgers are all focussed around high quality ingredients. There’s a kids menu too, which is something you don’t always find at American burger chains. 

BurgerFi is now open to the public.

40-42 Woburn Place London WC1 H0JR

Opening Hours: 

MON – SUN: 11:30AM – 11:00PM