At Foodepedia towers we use our Weber Charcoal Kettle to roast chicken all year round, even in the rain and snow. The flavour difference is just remarkable

So this Christmas, why not do as we do with your turkey, by cooking it outside on the barbecue.  

Roasting the turkey on a barbecue with a cooler air temperature (keeping the lid down to create an outdoor oven) makes the meat moist and even more succulent and flavoursome.

Barbecue brand leader Weber have put together some top turkey tips and details on the key equipment that will make cooking the turkey hassle free, and help you create a standout centrepiece for your Christmas feast this year. 

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1). Always cook with the lid on! Barbecuing without a lid means that you lose heat and that sought-after smoky flavour. Cooking the Weber®way, with the lid on, allows you to control the temperature, cook the food evenly and avoid scorching your food with fiery flare-ups. 

2). The Indirect Cooking Method is ideal for larger cuts of meat such as your Christmas turkey, simply position your glowing briquettes on either side of the charcoal grate before closing the lid. If the barbecue is burning too hot just close the lid vent slightly. 

3). If you are roasting on a charcoal kettle barbecue place a Weber® Drip Pan on the charcoal grate in-between the coals, this will collect the juices and you can also use it to roast your potatoes and vegetables in. 

4). If you are cooking on a gas barbecue try roasting the turkey on a Weber® Premium Grill Rack position it  over the drip pan to capture all the meat juices. 

5). Timings will vary according to the weight (usually 30mins per kg), only remove the turkey when the juices run clear and the meat temperature is above 75°C.

6). Leave the meat to rest for 30 – 45mins before serving. 

Weber‘s Essential Turkey Tool Kit

 New Weber® iGrillâ„¢ 2 | RRP £99.99

The new iGrillâ„¢ 2 is the world’s most advanced grill thermometer and is every barbecuer and tech lovers dream. Knowing when to take your turkey off the grill has never been easier as the iGrill probe connects to the app on your smart device to track the progress and sends an alert when your pièce de rèsistance is cooked to perfection! 

Weber® Charcoal Rotisserie | RRP £169.99

Weber’s Charcoal Rotisserie includes a porcelain-enamelled ring that holds the spit and motor, delivering ultimate cooking performance every time. The Rotisserie spins the meat meaning that your turkey will get an even exposure of heat. The Rotisserie fits 57m kettles and lets you roast with the lid down. Rotisseries are availble

Weber® Premium Grill Rack | RRP £24.99

Weber’s 2-in-1 rib and roast rack is reversible so it supports poultry, beef and pork roasts for even browning on one side, then flip it over to use for up to 5 racks of ribs. The design enables air to flow around the meat for consistent even cooking while the food rests above the juices and fats. The Premium Grill Rack is designed to fit 57cm and larger kettles and smokers, along with the Q®3000 and larger gas barbecues.

Weber® Chimney Starter Set | RRP £24.99

Weber’s all-in-one Chimney Starter Set has everything you need to get a charcoal barbecue fired up quickly and safely. The ultimate lighting kit contains the Rapidfire® Chimney Starter to heat the coals, Weber Briquettes which heat in 20mins and last up to 3 hours, as well as Weber’s non-toxic and odourless lighter cubes.