Brebis is French for sheep, or Ewe to be precise although like most people I was taught at school that a sheep was always mouton or agneau. in fact I didn’t even hear the word brebis until I went to France as a teenager and asked exactly what a particularly delicious cheese was on my plate.

It’s a healthy cheese too, sheep’ milk contains almost 50% more protein than cows’ or goats’ milk. Protein of course being an essential building block to cell growth and regeneration, it is also needed to keep blood circulating, skin regenerating, muscles repairing and bones strong.

While sheep milk is higher in total fat than cows’ milk, it is lower in saturated fat and richer in vitamins A, B and E, calcium, phosphorus. All good then as well as delicious and now Delamere Dairy, traditionally known for its range of goats’ milks, cheeses, yogurts and butters is selling Natural Sheep Yogurt and Sheep Cheese to keep the hunger pains at bay.

We tried the Delamere yoghurt first, sploshing it over the morning muesli and later that evening on the side with a curry. We usually make our own yoghurt as we get through so much, it’s easily done with the Easi Yo yoghurt maker but that’s cow’s milk and tasty as that is, well this is even tastier and makes a nice change from the usual.

It’s available in 450g pots with an RRP of £2.50 from Ocado, Nisa and independent health food shops nationwide.

The Delamere Dairy Sheep Cheese we found mild and fresh and not as powerful as a French brebis cheese. You’d mistake it for cheddar by it’s texture as this is matured for around three months and hand-packed in 150g wedges.

Both are made with pasteurized milk. Available with an RRP of £3.75 from independent health food shops nationwide.