The TV chefs seem to have it so easy in their massive country homes, or agreeable London townhouses, their drinks and nibble parties always seem effortless. Well they would be as probably someone else did all the actual work.

If your not on a Nigella sized income then the answer is to buy savvy to save on all the effort.

Donald Russell has ingredients to turn your festive bash into a banquet and keep everything really quick and simple.

The party food selection covers all the bases, from dinky little Chicken Lollipops to Mini Artisan Sausage Rolls, made with highest-quality sausage meat and flaky, buttery puff pastry. 

The new Canapé Pastry Bites are created especially to take party nibbles up a notch with puffs of prettily cut pastry with a range of gourmet fillings.

The Canapé Quiches combine five flavours, from Confit Duck, Potato & Mushroom to Goats Cheese, Tomato & Basil, encased in light, crispy pastry made to a gluten free recipe for those that insist they have a dietary problem. Mini Ham Croissants are-light pastries with a filling of smoked ham and a dab of mustard.

The Chicken Wing Selection has Garlic & Lemon or Spicy, with a real kick of fresh chilli. It also includes the Lollipops – mouthfuls of chicken, marinated and presented on the cleaned wing bones.

Crispy, savoury Potato Röstis – traditional or with bacon – are topped with a dollop of sour cream and a fold of  Smoked Salmon. And the little Rösti Bites come in a range of flavours.

Mini Fish Cakes and Mini Steak Burgers, Crispy Burger Bites and more

There are also Traditional Pork Pie, Game Pie and Chicken & Ham Pies individually hand made with their fillings packed into old-fashioned hot water pastry that actually stays crisp after defrosting. 

For sweet tastes the hand made Pâtisserie Selection is made up of little mouthfuls of artisan tarts and gateaux.

  • Your order will be delivered, fully frozen and ready for your home freezer, direct to your door, on a day of your choosing
  • You don’t need to be at home to receive your order; at the time of ordering you can specify for it to be left in a safe space or with a neighbour
  • You can order fromhome, by phone, post or online
  • Call for cooking advice or any other questions


Delicately light pastries filled with a mouth- watering selection: Spinach & Ricotta, Tomato & Herb, Cheese & Herb, Sausage & Mustard and Salmon & Cream Cheese. These adorable canapés are scored’jalousie-style’ across the top, except for the Salmon & Cream Cheese which is fish shaped!

Q163 Canapé Pastry Bites 20 Canapé Pastry Bites, in packs of 4, 600g Usual price: £19.00 Seasonal offer: £16.00 (SAVE £3.00)


Five different light and delicious fillings  made to an authentic French recipe, using only natural ingredients. Pop these straight in the oven from frozen.

Q004 Canapé Quiches 25 Canapé Quiches (tray weight 375g) 5 x Confit Duck, Potato & Mushroom; 5 x Cauliflower & Broccoli; 5 x Goats Cheese, Tomato & Basil; 5 x Mushroom, Garlic & Parsley; 5 x Cheese & Bacon Full Price: £15.00


Light, fluffy pastries with a filling of smoked ham mixed with a jot of mustard. 

D768 Mini Ham Croissants 20 Mini Ham Croissants, in packs of 10, 360g per pack Usual price: £16.00 Seasonal offer: £12.00 (SAVE £4.00)


Ready in just five minutes from frozen,

D1716 Chicken Wing Selection 2 packs Chicken Lollipops, 200g each 2 packs Garlic & Lemon Chicken Wings, 220g each 2 packs Spicy Chicken Wings, 220g each Also available individually Price: £24.00 Seasonal offer: £18.00 (SAVE £6.00)


These artisan pies are individually hand made with fresh pork, chicken breast and seasonal game. A pork stock jelly surrounds the dense, meaty fillings, and the traditional hot water pastry defrosts to a perfect crispness, ready to serve.

P450 Traditional Pork Pie, 500g Full Price: £13.50 C450 Traditional Chicken & Ham Pie, 500g Full Price: £14.00 G450 Traditional Game Pie, 500g Full Price: £9.90 D1886 Mini Pork Pies, in pack of 6, 97g each Full Price: £18.00


Made with with, free-range pork, minced right in the Aberdeenshire butchery and hand rolled in rich, buttery pastry. 

D1288 Mini Artisan Sausage Rolls 16 Mini Artisan Sausage Rolls, in packs of 8, 460g per pack Usual price: £9.50 Seasonal offer: £7.50 (SAVE £2.00)


D1332 Mini Steak Burgers

12 Mini Steak Burgers, in packs of 6, 270g per pack Usual price: £12.50 Seasonal offer: £12.00 (SAVE £0.50)


Chunks of premium burger meat rolled it into little balls, each coated in e panko crumbs. In a mix of savoury flavours.

D1800 Crispy Burger Bites 24 Crispy Burger Bites, in packs of 6 6 Seasoned Burger (165g) 6 Bacon & Cheese (165g) 6 Bacon & Herb (165g) 6 Sausagemeat (165g)

Usual price: £14.00 Seasonal offer: £12.00 (SAVE £2.00)

Potato patties, with roasted onion and seasoning. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, this pack contains both traditional potato and smoked bacon varieties. 

D1693 Rösti Selection

4 Potato & Bacon Rösti, 200g 4 Potato Rösti, 200g Also available individually Usual price: £5.00 Seasonal offer: £3.90 (SAVE £1.10)

Irresistible little pockets of crisp potato rösti, stuffed with your choice of deliciously different fillings – Alpine Cheese & Bacon, CreÌ€me Cheese & Herb – even Hot Dog. Serve these up and watch them disappear!

  1. Q145  6AlpineCheese&BaconPotatoRösti Bites, 168g pack
  2. Q146  6CreÌ€meCheese&HerbPotatoRöstiBites, 210g pack

Q147 6HotDogPotatoRöstiBites,210gpack Price: £3.50 per pack

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WAS £5 SAVE £1.10

Price point information SMOKED SALMON AND GRAVADLAX

Choose from a whole side of salmon, or slices of Smoked Salmon or Gravadlax, with its feathery edge of dill.

F102 Smoked Salmon Side Unsliced, 1kg Usual price: £42.00 Seasonal offer: £29.00 (SAVE £13.00)

F106 Ultimate Smoked Salmon Long-sliced, 500g Usual price: £26.00 Seasonal offer: £18.00 (SAVE £8.00)

F105 Ultimate Gravadlax D-sliced, 200g Usual price: £11.00 Seasonal offer: £8.50 (SAVE £2.50)


Haddock, smoked haddock and salmon, folded into mash. Try them with a sweet chilli dip, or dunked into a citrussy mayonnaise.

D1267 Mini Fish Cakes 16 Mini Fishcakes, in packs of 4, 216g per pack Usual price: £22.00 Seasonal offer: £16.50 (SAVE £5.50)


Hand made petits fours.

D1745 Patisserie Selection

2 Chocolate Tarts, 32g each 2 Lemon Tarts, 29g each 2 Passion Fruit Tarts, 32g each 2 Chocolate Croustillant, 32g each 2 Opera Cake, 32g each

2 Sticky Toffee Cake, 28g each

Usual price: £24.00

Seasonal offer: £22.00 each (SAVE £2.00)

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