There’s no two ways about it Christmas in the kitchen is stressful, whether you’re roasting or eagerly awaiting your chosen dish. Dan Doherty, executive chef at the super-chic Duck & Waffle has been kind enough to share his couldn’t-live-without tips to ensure your Christmas season snaps, crackles and pops.


Get organised!

His first tip?

“Make a list! It sounds geeky for Christmas Day, but it will really help you to manage what needs to go in when and when things will be ready, so you can eat everything at the same time!”

Hear that food fans? It’s never too early or too late to get ahead of the curve for Christmas.

Brine and you’ll be fine

What of the turkey? Dan says brine it!

“Brine your turkey – it makes a huge difference and you’ll have a really juicy bird. Goes without saying that you should also make sure you have a big enough oven for your turkey before you buy it!”

Update your Eccles

For a fresh take on an Eccles cake, Dan suggests adding some cheese.

“Make some Eccles cakes for an afternoon snack, but add a knob of blue cheese too. The fruit works really well with the cheese as it oozes out. These can go into the oven whilst you’re prepping and cooking the rest of your meal.”