The highly successful ‘Feeding the 5000’ event returns to London to raise awareness of unnecessary food waste in the UK and demonstrating and informing ways people and businesses can reduce waste.

What: Londoners are invited to eat a delicious, free hot lunch made from fresh vegetables which would otherwise have gone to waste.

When: Friday 18th November 2011 – 12 noon for photos and interviews

Where: London Trafalgar Square

Who: The event will be opened by Mayor Boris Johnson, who will serve the first bowl of curry, with demo’s from a host of celebrity chefs, and Tristram Stuart, award winning campaigner and author of the prize-winning book Waste – Uncovering the Global Food Scandal.

About: The Feeding the 5000 team, with the support of the Mayor of London and in partnership with Fareshare, FoodCycle, Love Food Hate Waste and Friends of the Earth, will treat 5000 members of the public to a free hot lunch made entirely out of food that would otherwise have been wasted, such as fresh but cosmetically imperfect fruit and vegetables.

The event will offer live cooking demonstrations by leading chefs (including Thomasina Myers, Valentine Warner and Arthur Potts Dawson) public interactive apple pressing, mass-vegetable sorting with partner charity FareShare, and a live pig enclosure where food waste will be recycled as livestock feed. All activities will showcase positive solutions to existing food waste problems.

The event will also invite individuals to sign a public declaration: ‘I pledge to cut my own food waste and I want businesses to do the same”. At the same time, businesses will be invited to respond by signing their own pledge undertaking to cut food waste in accordance with a new online policy guidance tool developed by the Feeding the 5000 team.

The event will take place three days after WRAP release their updated food waste figures for the UK.

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