In every French bakery during the month of January you’ll find a Galette des Rois. The king of pastries. And the Galette from Le Montmartre, made in London, is one of the very best.

mcith_Galette-des-rois-London-1.jpgA concoction of puff pastry filled with frangipane The Galette des Rois always has a little figurine hidden inside and whoever finds it becomes king for a day and wears a paper crown, which comes with the cake. 

The tradition derives from Saturnalia an ancient Roman festival when the Romans used to appoint a King from their slaves each year. The slave who had become the king of the day was allowed to ask anything during that day.

The Galette des Rois was still in fashion during Louis XIV reign in the 17th Century who allowed the King of the day to decide who would be the ministers and the ambassadors for that day. When the French revolution occurred, the name of Galette des Rois was temporary replaced by Galette de l’Egalite (Equality cake) for a few years. 

The Galette des Rois passed down generations and is now eaten in many other countries as Kings cake (in United States), La Rosca (in Mexico) or Vassilopita (in Greece).

Treat yourself like royalty with a Galette Des Rois from Le Montmartre.

Since 2010, Le Montmartre has been preparing the best Galette des rois in London using the finest ingredients such as French butter and ground almonds.

This year there is a Galette des rois delivery in UK with 24h express delivery so you can get it fresh. Each galette is good for up to 4 days, so you have time to enjoy it!

You can order your galette online on the dedicated website:

Le Montmartre has now celebrated its 10th Anniversary and operates in London, Paris & Sydney, delivering food to more than 1200 companies. Free collection from their central London kitchen on 12 Devereux Court (near Temple tube station) with 24h notice.

– 24h Express delivery to any UK address for £9 (with UPS or DHL)

– UPS 24h delivery also available to France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark. 

Prices start from £19.9 for 6

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