You may know Lavazza for their superb coffee, but at their Flagship London store coffee connoisseurs  can discover a whole world of other flavours

Wimbledon sponsor, Lavazza, call it a 360 degree coffee experience and it certainly makes your head spin.

The Lavazza flagship store has been designed to create an unique consumer journey, one that is both luxurious and accessible

Downstairs is the Caffetteria, the Grocery and the Takeaway areas while on the first floor is Gastronomia, a remarkable restaurant space.

Shopping for coffee has never been quite so much fun, here you can buy Lavazza’s newest range, the 1895 specialty coffee made from high-quality beans from independent and sustainable plantations that have the latest technology in coffee processing.

Try before you buy in the grocery area, where you can take part in tasting sessions with a Coffelier, sampling a range of Lavazza coffee’s aromatic notes across different coffee preparation methods.

For foodies though, upstairs is the place to be, where coffee meets remarkable cookin

For Wimbledon Lavazza’s Head Chef Filippo Sannelli created a special menu, but the style and content of the restaurant is always special.

My Wimbledon set lunch( large TV showing the action)  kicked off with a superb Negroni cold brew, a perfect Negroni with coffee notes and rather prettily, coffee beans frozen in the ice cubes. Normally I’d have had the espresso martini on offer, made with Lavazza of course, but I wanted to stay light for the food.

And what food it is. I love vitello tonnato, a delicious Italian dish of veal and tuna sauce and here it’s raised up by the use of low and slow cooked sirloin. Also tempting was crispy aubergines with tomato powder on mozzarella cream with fresh basil.

Canellone di avocado e granchio won me over game, set and match, Avocado roll with crab, vegetables and mayonnaise. Quite how chef managed to thinly slice avocado and then wrap it around the filling is a mystery, a job that must demand infinite patience and the steady hand of a safecracker. A superb summer plate, right down to the pansies on top.

Desserts were equally artistic, Strawberry Tiramisu, (recipe here) a freshly made For Di Latte ice cream topped with expresso (my choice) or a Panna Cotta with raspberries.

And if that wasn’t enough coffee, I got to try the 1895 Specialty Coffee as a large espresso, pack of beans to take home came with the set lunch. I didn’t try the specialty single origin cocoa but it looked richer than Rishi.

The restaurant is open all year round and is really something of a find, next door to Liberty’s and Carnaby Street it’s perfectly placed for lunch or afternoon treats tennis or not.

Lavazza Flagship Store 23-24 Great Marlborough Street – Just off Regent Street