Revo Salmon, the brand-new plant-based smoked salmon from Austria, is now available in the UK in partnership with the grocery delivery start-up GreenBay.

We’re partial to a bit of smoked salmon here, but the farming of salmon often leaves a lot to be desired, so a plant based version is of real interest.

Revo Salmon is the plant-based seafood alternative and is popular beyond its vegan fans. 

It’s made of pea proteins, plant oils, and algae extracts, (being a great source of proteins), Omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins D and B12. 

This makes Revo Salmon a healthier alternative to conventional smoked salmon.   

It can be enjoyed in wraps, sandwiches, bagels, makis, pasta dishes or even as a pizza topping. The product is made sustainably in Austria and it is free of soya, allergens and harmful heavy metals. 

On Test

We tried some of it the traditional way, with slices of buttered brown bread and lemon. Naked, as it were.

It certainly looks the part, almost the correct colour, even if visibly it lacks the shade variations of the real stuff.
Texture in the mouth is good, very much like smoked salmon with a slight extra gelatinousness.

Taste is the thing though, if it weren’t for that texture variation this would pass most taste tests, it’s smoky and fishy and moreish.

Everyone who tried was surprised.  This is an excellent product.

If you’re concerned about fish farming, and you should be, this ‘salmon’ delivers 99% of the taste and texture of smoked salmon in a healthy and sustainable way.

Plant-Based grocery delivery start-up GreenBay is leading the way in providing plant-based alternatives for UK consumers, with a selection of 1200+ curated brands available via their online platform (with UK carbon neutral Next Day Delivery), as well as their London Flagship store, with super-fast 15 min local deliver