If you’re the kind of person who can’t have enough kitchen storage, you need to find space for these new OXO POP storage containers

mcith_Screen%20Shot%202018-10-09%20at%20Jars without labels, boxes with saggy bottoms, half empty bags of something mysterious – many of us have kitchen storage that’s a right mess.

Even if we can find what we want, when we want it, chances are the things inside will have gone stale or even picked up some unwelcome lodgers.

OXO’s next generation of POP containers are perfect for bringing order to chaos, as well a high degree of sanity and sanitation.

The Push Button seal mechanism was always a big advantage of the original system, push down the button on the lid and the rubber seals immediately went into action preventing any air coming in or out or the lid being accidentally knocked off.

When you push back down, the button pops up releasing the seal and also becoming a very tactile handle too.


The updated POP containers now have even better air seals than before to help maintain optimum freshness for what’s inside, while under the lid there’s a clever new idea.

Each lid now has an accessory attachment to safely store the new accessories that have been launched with the new collection.

There’s a Half Cup Scoop for scooping out rice, flour, sugar, cereal, oats and more. There’s a Coffee Scoop with a 2 tbsp./30ml capacity with that figure is etched on the base of the scoop for easy reference.

The Dusting Scoop is perfect for sprinkling things like icing sugar and cocoa, and so is very useful while the Leveler helps create exact measurements and also doubles as a bench scraper for cutting and removing dough from worktops /chopping boards

There’s also a very useful Date Dial, so you can keep an eye on the’best before’ date of your dried ingredients by month/ year or month/day.


Add to that new Labels that are easy to attach and remove, leaving no sticky marks behind, and which are available in three sizes long, medium and triangle and you have a whole lot of storage excellence

The crystal clear plastic and the modular design are as perfect as ever.

No matter what size you choose, the collection has been created to stack together perfectly, maximising storage space. Each container can be stacked side by side and on top of each other, fitting easily in kitchen cupboards as well as large pull-out larders, deep pan drawers, and the new POP Containers match with the existing POP range.

Take a stand against unruly kitchens, take a stand with OXO POP!

Available at Lakeland and the OXO website as well as many other places.