Poor old butter, it gets a bad rep. We used to be told to bin the butter and take up low fat spreads instead. But life is too short to without butter, especially this Christmas

mcith_Posh%2BCow%2B-%2BSmoked%2BSea%2BSaI love butter, I eat it out the fridge when my partner isnt around. I put too much on my toast, I cube it into my pastry and when our sweetcorn comes out the allotment in late summer I drench each delicious cob. What is sweetcorn after all but an excuse to eat butter?

Obviously I am not crazy though, it remains a bit of a treat and during the week I stick to cholesterol-lowering spreads in the morning and on my sandwiches.

It’s been hard to do that with the arrival of two Welsh butters from Posh Cow, they are seriously gorgeous.

They come in two varieties – Smoked Sea Salt, and Blossom Honey (from Kent) & Cinnamon flavour, perfect for the cheeseboard as well as on the table to go with bread. Helped by the fact they are prettily whipped and so look rather elegant too.

The Blossom Honey & Cinnamon butter can also be used as an alternative to brandy butter, which sounds a good idea.


I make my own sourdough, and for this the smoked sea salt was perfect. I don’t like to ‘slather on’ anything but I made an exception here.

The little grains of salt almost popped on the tongue while jazzing the palate, and the butter itself was creamy and rich and every bit the kind of indulgence you need at this time of year. The kind of thing you get in the best fine-dining restaurants.

So treat yourself; put away the usual brands of wrapped butter in the back of the fridge and go for some whipped delight ad let your butter-loving flag fly. 

Who knows who we will be able to sit down with on Xmas day, but at least we can be sure of at least one Posh Cow at the table.

Available at M&S Food and Booths stores across the country, as well as other independent retailers and three other flavours are available.

Price: From £2.80