Send a coffee lover fantastic beans every month with bluecoffeebox.As Xmas gift idea go, this one has taste and smell.

mcith_IMG_7084.JPGBlue Coffee Box is a luxury, sustainable coffee subscription service with beans all ethically sourced from farmers and local cooperatives around the world using the Direct Trade model, which means farmers are paid 30% more than Fairtrade prices.

This support enables the farmer to invest in a sustainable crop, and to have money to provide their children an education and improved quality of life.

These are high altitude Speciality Coffees, scoring 80++ on the SCAA sensory scale  with coffee varieties, countries, regions, and roasters you mostly won’t find in the supermarket.

The beans are then hand-roasted by the UK’s best coffee roasters and the letterbox friendly boxes are delivered monthly (or more often if preferred) and each box contains 100% pure arabica coffee that is curated to personal taste.

We tried a box and while you can get the coffee any way you want,  and ground the way you like, I prefer to grind my own. The noise alone wakes me up, but the aroma when you open the grinder is great too.

The boxes are eco-friendly and, as they say, perfectly sized for popping through the average letter box no problem, which means you needn’t worry about the local crims getting your coffee off of your doorstep.


The pouches the coffee comes in are easy open rip tops, and have Ziplocs after that so the coffee stays as fresh as can be in your cupboard.

And how does it taste? Well the two examples we had were both delicious and interesting, especially when compared side by side which showed up the subtle, and sometimes not so different tastes and was a real coffee education. So much better than standard supermarket coffee.

Fruity or chocolatey or floral or of caramel, you get to experience all kinds of coffees this way and discover your favourites for whatever time of day.

And by joining the  Coffee Lovers Club you receive discounts, new videos, coffee tips, and recipe ideas every week

Prices for the boxes start from £15.49 / month – or £16.99 for a one-off box – both make the perfect gift for a coffee lover wanting to enjoy barista standard coffee at home.

You can purchase a Blue Coffee Box subscription here