Sea Change wine helps turn tide on plastic pollution with donations to marine conservation funds from every sale

mcith_Screenshot%202020-07-04%20at%2012.Eco-conscious wine brand Sea Change has launched its first premium wine, a refreshing, crisp and light Provence Rosé from award- winning Chateau Pigoudet in the heart of Southern France.

As with all Sea Change wines, the packaging has been minimised and the unnecessary plastic wrap covering the closure removed.

Additionally, Sea Change Provence Rosé uses a new, environmentally friendly label material called’Natureflex clear’ which is made solely from plant cellulose. 

The label is fully biodegradable and compostable.

At the time of writing this,  the French have not yet decided to allow us to visit them, but each sip of this rosé could transport you to warm summer nights in the beautiful Provence region.

There’s a seahorse known as the’jewel of the sea’ on the eco-friendly label, and Sea Change Provence Rosé is fresh and zesty with delicate hints of grapefruit, white peach and tropical pineapple.

It’s a wine that can be enjoyed with lighter dishes, fresh seafood and summer salads in your garden.

Each bottle of Sea Change Provence Rosé means a donation will be made to marine conservation charities fighting plastic pollution*, making it an ideal choice for those who want to contribute to keeping the oceans clean and safe for marine wildlife.

The Provence Rosé joins the line-up of selected French and Italian wines in the Sea Change range.

Each wine is identifiable by a different sea animal label, hand-drawn with plastic hidden inside them.

These illustrated labels were created to show the on-going dangers of plastic pollution – reminding people why we need to protect these creatures and their environment.

The Sea Change wine collection is available to buy online at with the Provence Rosé at £15.99 or £13.99 for a mix of six or you can buy the Provence Pack comprising 3 bottles for £42.97. 

Free delivery is available for orders over £100.    

For more information visit