Believing that a Sunday without a roast is not really a Sunday at all, Nick tries a delivered roast dinner from new kids on the SW block, Supper.

I admit I have a long-standing problem with the word supper, I dislike the way it’s been moved away from its original meaning of’late meal before bed’ to be used by the aspiring middle-classes to refer to their everyday evening meal. The working classes you see always has its dinner but one always has one’s supper.

Supper on this case is a home delivery service, one of many that seem to be coming online recently, and it offers food not just by cuisine style but by chef too, each chef has a short profile on the app and on the web site.

You hear so much about hard-pressed urban professionals finding it hard to have a decent hot evening meal at home these day, poor loves, and Supper aims to feed that hunger with what, when you browse, appear to be some very tempting dishes featured on a daily changing basis.

The app, for Android or iOS, is very good-looking and signing up is straightforward, although menus don’t come online until 2pm each day (12 on Sundays).

It being Sunday we ordered a Sunday Roast, going for the traditional beef option. Now we are a bit fussy about Sunday Roasts round my way because it’s a very rare Sunday that we don’t cook one and we know what we are doing and what we like. So this was a good challenge for Supper.

We picked the last time slot of the day, 6pm and ordered as soon as the app went live at midday. We then went back to digging our allotment, because if you’re going to save yourself all the hours of cooking a Sunday roast it makes sense to spend the gained time productively. And also digging in the cold and wet really gives you one hell of an appetite.

And so at just after six a man on a scooter tapped on the door, apologising for the Sainsbury’s carrier bag but they had run out of bespoke ones.

Inside were two cardboard packages and a plastic pot of gravy. Both packages were reassuringly heavy. Unfolding the lids revealed a well-packed box that looked good. We quickly decanted the lot onto plates.

Roast topside, roast spuds, carrots, red cabbage and lashings of gravy (we gave the gravy twenty seconds in the microwave, as we like hot gravy). The food otherwise was easily hot enough.

The beef was very well cooked, not as rare as we do it ourselves at home but the right side of medium. Good quality beef too. The spuds weren’t crunchy, which is not really a criticism as spuds always lose their crunch once out of the oven. They had the right colour and texture though and like all the vegetables were very tasty.

The gravy was perhaps a bit thin, but that’s a personal taste. I have an aunt who always complains if her Sunday roast is not drowned in watery gravy, whereas I like just a little gravy but it has to be very thick. Yorkshire pudding was big and fluffy and about as perfect as a Yorky gets.

Our roast certainly bore out Supper’s claim to be providing tasty home-cooked meals, and they say that all of their dishes only contain a maximum amount of 825 calories, and as little fat, salt and sugar to be as healthy as possible.

We were impressed, at about £22 for the food including delivery you’d not pay less in any pub and I don’t think you’d get any better. Some pubs have been known to deep fry their roast potatoes and the beef is frequently stringy and nasty and the veg overcooked and mushy.

Supper seem on this showing to know what they are doing and to have a good service, and the weekday dishes all look strong too. You can choose which chef to cook for you and pick from their own bespoke menu. You can favourite also your best chefs and be alerted when they are next cooking.

Supper originates from South West London but is expanding across London and into other towns all the time. Input your postcode on their homepage to check availability