If anyone knows about honey it has to be multiple Great Taste Award winning www.ogilvys.com founded by Shamus Ogilvy, the moniker the Honey Hunter who goes round the world – as well as the UK – to find amazing raw honey.

Honey is another’wonder food’ but in this case that’s not just honeyed words, much honey has remarkable anti-bacterial properties and of course the flavour varies enormously based on the flowers the bees have access to.

Raw Jarrah Honey TA 20+. The hunter’s latest find is an excellent case in point, a raw super honey known in Australia’s as the healing honey. It’s extremely rare because it is a single flower honey made from the nectar of a eucalyptus tree, Eucalyptus marginata, which only grows in Western Australia and only flowers once every two years.

It boasts very high levels of antimicrobial properties thanks to its naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide activity and is rich in antioxidants; two or three times higher than the famous manuka honey.

Raw, unpasteurized Jarrah honey can be used for treating wounds, burns, sunburn and skin infections due to its high antimicrobial properties. Although that seems a waste as it is extremely tasty. My partner drinks it diluted in hot water and she tells me she feels all the better for it.

Personally I like my honey on toast and used as a component of marinades and Ogilvy’s Raw Balkan Lime Honey, a raw pure cold-pressed artisan honey from the southern Danube in Serbia gathered from Linden tree is superb for both uses. Apparently it can treat anxiety and insomnia as well as coughs, colds and bronchitis.

Many of Ogilvy’s honeys have been awarded a Great Taste Award too so check out their very informative website and range of wonder honeys