Sick of half cooked toast, Nick tries the toaster designed to embrace his bread perfectly. The Breville/Warburtons toaster. Breakfast just got a bit better.

Toast, is there any other country that venerates toast the way that we do in the UK? Just the thought of toast, sinfully dripping in butter, is enough to send most people off into a reverie of food lust.

Is there a toast pop up in Shoreditch? Probably and if there isn’t then you can be pretty sure some large-bottomed beard is almost certainly planning one.

To toast of course you need a toaster. Yes you can put your bread under the grill but nine times out of ten you’ll forget it’s there until the kitchen has filled with fumes and the smoke detector is yelling its tiny head off. Smoke detectors really are stupidly sensitive to charred bread, they should rename them’toast detectors’. Boom, boom.

The other thing about toasters is they never seem to fit the bread properly, usually leaving a bit sticking out to remain raw. You’d think the makers of bread and the makers of toasters would do a SNP/Labour kind of alliance to sort it out and rule the world of toast.

Well in fact Warburtons and Breville have now just done that. Warburtons already have the most brilliantly bonkers bread commercial on TV (we love the bit where Sly gets in the wrong side of the truck and reaches for a non-existent steering wheel), so teaming up with Breville was another slice (geddit) of genius.

The Breville two and four slot toaster has been designed to fit a slice of Warburtons as accurately as five fingered piece of apparel fits your hand, and so we gave it a light grilling to see what popped up.

Verdict? A good toaster, we liked the simple controls, the look and lift facility to view your toast’s progress without cancelling the cycle and the fact that while it of course fitted Warburtons’Toastie’ loaf (the UK’s best-selling branded loaf, apparently) perfectly it also auto adjusted its width to other thicknesses too and has a toast from deep-frozen function as well.

So whether you like a bit of artisan sourdough, a cottage loaf, a bloomer or of course a slice of Warburtons Toastie as endorsed by Rambo himself, then trade in your old toaster for one that is perfectly designed to take toast to the next level.

This one-of-a-kind toaster is available on and – grab it while it’s hot!