Tracklement’s Special Editions rarely disappoint and this new Roasted Garlic & Salami Jam is another tasty addition to the range

mcith_Special-Edition-Roasted-Garlic-%26They’ve roasted garlic then mixed it with pan-fried British Salami from the chaps The Bath Pig, and then added fresh chillies and slow cooked onions.

It’s punchy.

They suggest a lot of uses for it. On a burger, over a pizza base, stirred into freshly cooked pasta, or spooned over a whole camembert before baking in the oven.

The recipe for that is right here.

Personally I used it mostly in cheddar cheese sandwiches and, regrettably, was also caught eating it with a teaspoon right out of the fridge at 2 am. It was very nice. And yes, I may have taken drink earlier in the evening. Don’t judge me.

Tracklement’s Special Edition Roasted Garlic & Salami Jam, RRP £3.30, for 100g is available from good fine food delis and farm shops nationwide and online at