ZeroWater’s range of water filters that magically turn tap water into water that’s as pure as purified bottled water – the only filter in its class to achieve this.

mcith_zero2.jpgAs researchers at the University of Exeter reveal that 86% of people have levels of BPA – a chemical found in plastic water bottles that mimics the female sex hormone oestrogen – in their bodies, filtering what comes out of the tap seems an even more sensible option. ZeroWater has the answer.

What makes them different? Most in-door filter jugs have a two-stage filter, limiting the impurities they remove. ZeroWater Ready Pour TM has a five-stage Dual Ion Filtration system which removes virtually all – 99.6% – of dissolved solids from the tap water. (Competitor brand Brita removes only up to 50%).

Simply put, if you were mad enough to pour red wine into the jug, pure water would come out (apparently). With other brands, you’d get pink water. 

With many jugs, unfiltered water in the reservoir ends up mingling with filtered as you pour. Not here. The sealed lid and reservoir mean that you are pouring only the pure stuff.

As well as filtering out minerals, salts, heavy metals (lead, chromium and mercury), chemicals and runoff, ZeroWater removes 99% of fluoride.

And, for the sceptical, each jug comes with a lab-grade meter to measure the purity (and tell you when to buy new filters).


So, did it measure up? The meter gave a reading of 273 for my standard London tap water. Filtered, it dropped to 6. This reading places my water at home into the’high’ ranking for contamination, so I’ll get 55-95 litres of water before the filter needs to be replaced.

And, chilled in the fridge, it tasted crisp, clean and pure. Apart from no longer having to lug heavy water bottles home, it’s good to know that I’m not ingesting plastic as I drink.

ZeroWater Ready Pour TM is available in from 7-cup (1.66-litre) to 23-cup (5.4-litre) versions (the smaller one fits neatly into a fridge door). From £24.99 from


•        12-Cup Ready-Pourâ„¢ pitcher

•        Zerowater Ion Exchange water filter

•        TDS (total dissolved solids) meter that provides a digital measurement of dissolved solids in your water (a £24.99 retail value)

•        Pamphlet