Out with the heavy creams, sticky liqueurs and excess sugar, the’Aluna Colada’ is a lighter take on the indulgent rum cocktail. Aluna Coconut have created an additional three unique Colada recipes, each with vibrant summer flavours such as passion fruit, banana and ginger.


If you like Piña Coladas and not getting caught in the rain, you’ll have been looking forward to enjoying the classic cocktail on your summer holiday.

Well the team at Aluna Coconut have shaken up the tropical tipple so it can easily be recreated at home or for a beach trip or picnic in the park.  And with less calories, too.

The Aluna Colada is a lighter take on the classic summer cocktail. By switching out the coconut cream for Vita Coco coconut water, the Aluna Colada serves up a fraction of the sugar and calories without any compromise on flavour.

With just four ingredients that can easily be bought at your local supermarket, the Aluna Colada is easy to make at home and can be shaken up in a couple of minutes – making it the perfect choice for garden sipping at a social distance.

The Aluna Colada

The classic Piña Colada reimagined for the more mindful drinker.  Lower in sugar, higher in flavour and perfect in the sunshine or beneath a beautiful coconut moon.

●      50ml Aluna Coconut

●      50ml Vita Coco Coconut Water

●      100ml Pineapple Juice

●      Juice of half a lime

Add all the ingredients to your shaker, add a handful of ice and shake, shake, shake it baby! Strain into a glass filled with fresh ice (made with coconut water if you really want to show off). Garnish with a slice of lime and a planet friendly straw

Pro tip: If you fancy some bubbles, try floating some ginger ale on the top.

Aluna Colada Collection

For those who are using the lockdown to get experimental with their home cocktail making, Aluna have created three more unique takes on the colada featuring vibrant ingredients such as passion fruit, banana and summer berries.


Aluna Banana Colada

Banana and coconut are such a classic flavour combo (this one packs a serious

potassium punch too!)

●      60ml Aluna Coconut

●      1 banana (frozen ideally)

●      15ml maple syrup

●      100ml coconut milk

●      3-4 ice cubes

Put all ingredients in a blender and blitz.  Serve over ice and garnish with a slice of banana


Aluna Passion Colada

With its sweet / sour flavour, passion fruit makes a wonderfully refreshing, fruit-led colada

●      60ml Aluna Coconut

●      30ml passion fruit juice

●      20ml pineapple juice

●      15ml coconut milk

●      15ml lime juice

Combine all ingredients. Shake hard with ice. Strain into a chilled glass.

Garnish with mint or dehydrated lime


Aluna Summer Berry Colada

A deliciously fruity cocktail that serves up some of the best flavours of the season. A vibrant pop of red means this cocktail is as easy on the eye as it is on the palate.

●      60ml Aluna Coconut

●      30ml pineapple juice

●      30ml coconut milk

●      1 tbsp mixed berry jam

●      1 tbsp frozen summer berries

●      20ml lime juice

Hard shake all with ice and double strain over ice, Garnish with some berries, dehydrated pineapple or a citrus wheel

Aluna Coconut’s Guatemala rum is made with first press sugar cane fermented with yeast from the pineapple plant, releasing floral, fruit aromas into the rum which is then lightly aged in oak.   This makes a lighter and smoother rum with a natural subtle sweetness, avoiding the need for the large quantities of sugar found in many competitor brands. 

Selected Caribbean rums (Trinidad and Guyana) add firmer classic rum notes and a little heat, giving balance and structure to the blend. 

All natural, lightly toasted coconut flavours give a delicious new taste dimension to the rum. After marrying, the rum is cut to bottling strength with the perfect amount of coconut water for a smooth and clean coconut finish. 

Enjoy Aluna Coconut sipped neat over ice, in cocktails or with a good mixer.

The multi-award winning Aluna Coconut is also suitable for vegan and gluten free diets.

Available from Waitrose and Ocado RRP £24.95 (70cl).

For more information visit www.alunacoconut.com or follow on Instagram @alunacoconut