Together with PlantforLife, Atul encourages Britons to plant Roses for a culinary twist!

Many people like to experiment when cooking and almost everyone has a ‘secret ingredient’ but would you consider using roses in your recipes? Plantforlife a phenomenon created by the Horticultural Trades Association, to help people get the most out of their gardens, have teamed up with top celebrity Michelin starred chef Atul Kochhar, to demonstrate how to cook with this classic bloom and give a selection of culinary dishes petal power! PlantforLife’s team is also on hand to teach us how to grow your own roses and which ones to choose.

Roses from your garden, can be used to add flavour, colour and variety to your menu; as well as a decoration to the table. In creating the recipes that can be found though the address below, Atul Kochhar commented “Herbs are one of the first things that spring to mind when cooking, but have you ever thought about the role flowers play in cooking? Roses were used centuries ago by the Romans who started the trend in desserts and wine. Thanks to their delicate scent, flavour and taste, this iconic flower is the latest ingredient in my kitchen. Add roses to many recipes, from chicken to cakes to jelly and even sorbet – not only will this impress your guests serving something innovative, the rose twist will add vibrancy to the taste and presentation of your dishes”.

But before you get your aprons on and start cooking you need to plant! Take into consideration how you want your garden to look and plant the right species for your needs. With roses coming in many varieties, there are lots to choose from so Atul’s recipes include the best ones to use in your garden and in your dishes.

Research from HTA shows 30% of people want to spend more time relaxing and entertaining in their gardens this year, so there is no better time to plant Britain’s favourite flower and add something a little different to your recipes too.

So, why not put an Asian twist to your chicken dish with the Royal William, which is also is very easy to make flower arrangements with. or add colour and texture to your jelly with bright petals from the Danse de Feu Rose. Perhaps, for a pre-dinner aperitif with a fragrant twist create ice cubes with rose infused water and add a petal too. Maybe follow the Sex in the City trend and bake cupcakes with a rose infused icing and a rose petal topping. The Climbing summer wine rose is a good variety to use here.

For more information, you can visit and download top tips on how to plant roses with a recipe twist as well as Atuls’ rose inspired recipes.